I hope my 11 year old granddaughter got to watch and listen to the speeches last night. Especially to get to see the first woman make history.

Two barriers have now been broken. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris made history yesterday.

The first time I voted in a presidential election was when Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket to be vice president. It was 1984.

Geraldine A. Ferraro was a member of Congress and the first woman to run for the U.S. vice presidency on a major party platform.

That ticket was not elected. And Geraldine Ferraro died in 2011. Unfortunately she did not live to see this day in history.

Who Is Kamala Harris:

Kamala Devi Harris (born October 20, 1964) is an American politician and attorney who is now the vice president-elect of the United States.

In 2003, she was elected district attorney of San Francisco. She was elected Attorney General of California in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.

I am so proud to see this moment in time. A woman having such a high profile in our government.

If you are a woman, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I imagine that you also dreamed you’d see this day come. A woman elected to such a high office.

Maybe I’ll live to see a woman elected president. I hope so. For every little girl who dreams big, this is a momentous occasion.

My Favorite Part Of Her Speech Last Night:

“Because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.”

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  1. The world has been laughing at us because of TRUMP. Read the news. Why do you think other countries rejoiced with us by doing fireworks and ringing bells when Biden was elected?

  2. it would be nice if the republican administrations, and those that support them, would carry through with their anti-choice stance and provide programs and aid for the desperate women who choose to, or are now increasingly forced to, carry to term. I have never understood how the anti-choice movement calls themselves “pro-life”, given that they vote to remove the programs and subsidies that have been shown to help the women who do not have abortions once the child was born. As it is these women are forced to have a child and then that child often grows up in poverty and misery, forgotten by those same “pro-life” advocates, It is almost as if the anti-choice movement wants to create an underclass of people who are worse-off than they are! Those of you who think people choose abortion as a form of birth control are poorly informed – having easy access to birth control is far easier way to control for unwanted pregnancies.

  3. Brenda, I think it’s so sad how many vitriolic comments have been posted saying crazy and hateful things about Biden. Biden is not perfect and right from the get ho I’m sure he’ll make some mistakes. Kamala Harris is not perfect. However, I proudly voted for both of them because I saw no leadership out of the present administration. I’m 71 and I know with DT’s plan of herd immunity I did not stand a chance. What DT never seemed to understand was that without a healthy population we have no economy. When Hillary lost Democrats were told to get over it. Now we’re supposed to sit by politely while Republicans say there is fraud on our part and it is a lie with no facts to support it. America has lost so much respect with other countries. I hope they can forgive and trust us again that we are a country of civility and decency. And those that don’t want to follow this route need to go back under their respective rocks. I’ve tried to be polite but this nonsense of spewing lies with no facts to support it needs to stop. Thank you Brenda for your post. I know you were not taking a political stand and that’s fine. Unfortunately too many vitriolic comments came forward and I can’t be silent.

    1. All the comments made about trump over the past 4 years were caused by him and him alone. All he needed to do was show one shred of decency or humanity but he is incapable of that. You reap what you sow.

      trump’s supporters are not innocent. There are plenty of examples of their violent ways out there…all you need to do is look.

      Let it go Dianne…the better man won.

  4. Those who are anti-choice should do their research and learn that there are typically LESS abortions during democratic administrations than during republican. Democratic administrations focus on changing the things that lead to abortion- making birth control more available, for instance. I am continually amazed that there are so many anti-choice one issue voters, who overall tend to to vote against all of their other interests. Where are most abortions? Red States. Where are people the most unhealthy? Red States. What states require the most federal assistance? Red States. It is ironic. Those who believe the ridiculous lies that people have abortions the day before their due date (one of the thousands of lies trump spouted over the years) need to think clearly and educate themselves meaning looking at actual sources of data that can not be biased (I am a scientist so this is easy for me because that is how we are trained). I am also disturbed that those who say they are christian, yet would vote for a man who was so hateful and spiteful to people of all types. Also- he committed adultery and cheated on both of his wives while still married for goodness sake! His rallies are like comedian stand up routines, so mean spirited and cruel. Those who are christian and vote for him are clearly hypocrites. I have been enjoying this blog because I have learned that there is at least one person in Oklahoma who is open minded enough to make intelligent and informed decisions,

    1. Such a well written statement. Your information on abortions and health are true. Living in S.C. I can tell you that open minds are at a premium here. Evangelical churches have been quietly leading their congregations to support tRump. I’ve almost lost my faith in Christianity as a whole due their hatred, racism and mean spiritedness. Your voice is valuable and I’m so glad you spoke up. Thank you. And thank you for being a scientist because we need scientists desperately as proven by this pandemic. Under this administration you will be respected and held in high esteem once again.

  5. It’s obvious from your remarks that you watch Fox News and believe their biased reporting. Biden has been able to work with Republicans and Democrats in the past and he will prove he can do that again. He’ll also formulate quickly a plan to fight this pandemic. I did not appreciate tRunp’s herd immunity plan… one in which I would surely die at 71. We came there close to losing our democracy. When Hillary list we were told to get over it. Hmm… anyway for now I am praying for the good of us all and a return to civility, decency and a chance for all to succeed.

  6. Yes, indeed. The young people should not be encouraged to think it is ok to use abortion for birth control.

  7. Congratulations to our new President Biden and Vice President Harris!
    The cream has risen to the top.
    Now it’s time, at long last, to bring calm and peace to this great country of ours.
    United we stand…divided we fall.

    1. We don’t need a mandate just the winning number of votes. With Biden fighting the pandemic you may want to be saying thank you in the future.

    2. Suck it up buttercup. trump is out..Biden is in. And, we have a female Vice President…yeah!
      And now? We can all breath a sigh of relief….ahhhhhhh…..

  8. Brenda’s post was about a woman breaking through the glass ceiling. We should be celebrating that huge fete rather than tearing each other down. I truly don’t understand your reaction. You are definitely entitled to your opinion but you read things into Brenda’s post that weren’t there. Again, I don’t understand your reaction.

  9. Why Marcia? Because Trump’s plan to install himself as an authoritarian dictator failed, and you White Nationalist “Christians” won’t get to impose your will on the rest of us? Tough for you. Trump is done.

    1. Oh no, Kelley, Trump is not a racist at all…that’s why he called some African nations “shit holes”, told congresswomen of color to “go back where they came from”, called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and refused to denounce white supremacists during a presidential debate, etc. You want more? Just google it.

  10. I am so thrilled that Biden won AND that we finally have a woman – a strong, capable, intelligent woman – as VP. I agree with every word you said. Ignore the haters that have left comments on your page. They’re all just jealous that their dictator didn’t win.

    1. I am not a hater of either party. There are other women more qualified…Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota would have been an excellent choice and a qualified one.

      Candidates should be chosen on their qualifications, not their gender or color. This is not being a racist, it’s using common sense for the good of the country and not pandering to the immature voters.

    2. Haters? And you are the first to call names. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror before you caste the first stone.

  11. Nor was the con man lovely that has been tolerated. There is a winner and a loser in most people’s world. It’s time to accept even with recounts and ballots yet to count, it won’t be enough. Sorry, I could not let an opinion be overlooked that undermines the integrity of dedicated election workers who continue to show diligence. Sue happy won’t work this time.

  12. Just because someone votes for a party different from your vote is no reason to never speak to them again, or read anything they post. If your friends or family vote for a different party, It is very petty to cut them out of your life. Even in Canada some of my friends love Trump and some are astounded at his rudeness, name calling etc. Some friends vote Liberal in Canada, others vote Conservative and others vote New Democratic. If voting for the party that you vote for was a criteria for friendship, no one would have friends. Politics in Canada doesn’t divide us. We agree to disagree, and that is the end of it. That being said, we are known to be a very polite country. From the outside looking in, for the first time countries/people looking at the United States over the past four years have been Stunned at how the country has turned against each other in such violent ways. Now is the time for peace and calmness to repair the wounds caused by the violence and racism which the world has been watching. Brenda’s comments were not derogatory against anyone. She was just proud to have seen a female get elected to the White House.

  13. I agree. A cheater is not lovely. Trump cheated on all of his wives and at least one mistress, if that’s even a thing, cheating on a mistress I mean. You don’t really think cheating is bad or you would think it is always bad, not just when you think Democrats have done it. Is accusing someone of wrongdoing bad if you have no proof? Asking for a friend.

  14. So much vitriol in the comments. Such a shame these people do not realise how the rest of the world see them by being trump followers. Nor do they have the intelligence to actually see your message as being apolitical but a step forward for women.
    I’m not from the USA however as someone whos has studied American History and visited and worked there many times, I’m truly astounded by the way vast swathes of Americans are so easily influenced by someone I don’t care to describe (as it’s not pleasant and I don’t concur with degrading someone personally as he does). The world is a happier place with him no longer a leader of the USA but back to what he does well and lead his own businesses instead.

  15. Loved the moment last night!
    My Grandaughter is 37 yrs old and I’m so thankful even for her generation to live in this time.
    I, too, am so hopeful that decency and respect has returned to our country. Happy day.

  16. Every great American who voted for Biden and Harris should be proud. They proved that democracy works and will not be overcome as long as we all work together so it does. Harris is a smart lovely woman and we are all proud to see her elected. She will go down in history, for all the little girls.

  17. History was indeed made, IT is a moment for all women, and girls, the moment of possibility. I hope that we can see the country come together and get out politicians back to working for the people not fighting amongst themselves.

  18. What a powerful moment last night was for our history books. So good to see their gracious, dignified families dancing together and celebrating a new beginning of acceptance of facts, all faiths, all citizens regardless of background, disabilities or race. My husband and I kept saying this is how democracy works, counting every vote and loved Kamala’s smile expressing her real gratitude. We both wished so much our parents were here to see such caring strength as they all died during this last presidency with regrets over who they voted for.

  19. Watching her speech was very moving. It’s a new day and time for great happenings. I k is not everybody is happy but it’s time the country comes together.

  20. I am so glad to see decency and compassion return to the White House. I am so happy to see a strong competent woman elected. This has been too long coming. I voted in my first presidential election in 1968. I’m so glad I lived to see this. My daughters and granddaughters are celebrating with me. I only wish my mother could have been with us but she has been gone for 43 years.

    1. There’s zero proof of any ballot cheatung, including so-called phoney ballot entries.
      This is just continued gossip and made up stories to sooth people’s egos. Throughout the counts, there are/were both Republican & Democratic “watchers” ,,,,, nothing, absolutely nothing was found to be illegal or ballot multiplied.
      It’s so ridiculous to even fathom with the millions of votes that were counted for dt.
      Obviously, the hating and screwed up mentality will continue.
      Even a vast amount of republicans are saying, plain and simple; there is no, none whatsoever at all cheating happening.

  21. As you Brenda, I hope my 13 yr old granddaughter was watching Kamala’s speech last night! It was a wonderful message to young women and a long time coming!
    I hope now the country will settle down and we can all come together as civilized Americans!

  22. She is a lovely woman with a compassionate heart, who is also “tough as nails” when it comes to the pursuit of wrongdoing! I love her!

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