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  1. P.S. The small amount of soil in each cinder block hole probably will dry out rather quickly necessitating frequent watering. Planting behind the wall, into the higher volume of soil, and then letting the plants cascade over the wall might work a bit better.

  2. How about Ivy in the cinder block holes? Eventuality, the whole unattractive block wall would be ivy covered. Maybe not as attractive an idea as flowering plants or herbs but would it would be more visually pleasing through the seasons and more cost effective in the long run.

  3. It looks lovely, Brenda. I know how much your love your garden and just because you can’t do the heavy lifting doesn’t mean you can’t it. I think it was definitely money well spent, as it increases your warm weather “living space” and will bring you hours of enjoyment.

  4. Would rose moss work in cinder blocks. it comes in 6 pks. and would be economical as well as add color.

  5. Brenda, you’r outside space turned out beautiful! I’m so happy for you. All good things come to those who wait, and boy have you waited, lol! It’s lovely, and it’s gonna bring you so much joy. I, too, like the idea of planting something in the cinder block holes.

  6. So lovely,Brenda! I am happy for you ❤️. And will also advise using the wonderfully cheerful and colorful impatiens in your beautiful,shady garden. Their colors are corals,pink,red,orange, lavender,white… just so pretty.

  7. Your landscaping work looks SO nice, Brenda! They did a really good job.

    1. I think so too, Melanie. I always, every year, love seeing your perennials coming up

  8. I don’t know what to add to all these glowing comments, Brenda! I, too, think it all looks fabulous. I am a very visual person and I know that you will enjoy the view of your new garden so much. Especially when the plants become more mature and there are blooms to add color. I think the money you spent to have all the work done is completely justified for you to have the visual pleasure when when you look out your patio window. It’s food for the soul, you know.

    I hope your ankle feels better soon too. Maybe just stay off it as much as possible for a few days and bask in the beauty in your yard. So happy for you to have been able to have this work done even though you would have liked to do more yourself. Who knows what you’ll be able to do come next Spring! Meanwhile I will stay tuned for the next installment.

  9. Everything looks sooo nice! I’m excitedly waiting to work on my patio, but it’s still to soon. I’m in Wisconsin and on Monday , may 1st we had a snow storm! Hopefully my patio will be a bit more fun, last fall the deadness was cut out of all our trees , I live in a condo. It should be fun to find out how much more light I get this summer.

  10. That was actually a deal for all of the work that they did. It looks great, so nice and fresh! These pictures gave me a better idea of how your yard is. Teresa

    1. I tried to get photos of it from just about every angle. Except for places I couldn’t get to.

  11. Holy Cow!! I didn’t realize you had such a nice space to landscape like this. Your yard is wonderful with what you have had planted, and all of the grooming Roberto and his men accomplished. I like the idea of what several other ladies mentioned about thyme being used in the open spaces in the walk way. I bet that would be pretty and smell good too. I did something similar in a path at our previous home using moss. (It was a shady area) Also had hostas, and Impatiens (shade loving) that grew nicely. Usually in small pots for the Impatiens, which were in two cupid garden statues that held the planters. I can’t wait to see it, when you get your flowers on Mother’s Day. So VERY exciting, I just love this area, you must be really really happy and excited. What fun…what a joy to see it all come together!!!

    1. Steve took me to an open air nursery just down the street to get a few plants. Then Greg came and helped me plant them.

  12. Since your apartment management has no plans to make your water sprinklers functional for a while, perhaps Roberto and his crew can water for you? Many landscapers have small portable water tanks that they use to water hard to reach plants.

    1. Greg attached my hose onto the hose down the side of my apartment and watered. I called to Ron and Pat to let them know we had the hose ready and Pat came out and watered their plants. They have more sun than I do. We all help each other.

  13. It’s really coming along so nicely, Brenda! You are going to have d add I much fun tending to your plants now that you’re able to navigate the paths. You could also have them power wash the dark mildew covered red pavers nearest your covered patio and you’d be surprised how new they will look and will more closely match the brand new ones in color. It would take them only a few minutes to do so. So happy that you have a space you now love!

    1. Thank you, and yes, I’m loving it more every day. I sure enjoy the shade!

  14. In a word: awesome! I love all the rocks & textures. It’s all quite Zen. You hired the right people – I can see the care they put into making it pleasing & cohesive (and at such a great price!)

    You are so good at transformations. Just wait until the bedding plants fill in & you’ve got color in the pots. Your neighbors will be so pleased, as well. This enhances the quality of living for you all!

    Can’t wait to see it all in BLOOM!

    1. Steve just took me out to run a few errands. We stopped at an outdoor temporary nursery and I bought a big fern and two combo shade plants. But they told me today that they’re not turning the sprinklers on until summer, whatever that means.

  15. So glad to see your outdoor space becoming your garden once again. Worth every penny to be able to properly plan and enjoy your yard. Cant wait to seen your garden blossom and bloom and leaf Brenda.

    1. Me too. I don’t think I could look out there and see next to nothing. I don’t think I could not garden at all. It would be depressing.

  16. From your pics it looks like Roberto and crew did a great job and I am happy for you! It looks lovely:-) Stay on the apt people about the sprinkler – it’s the least they can do after you have prettied up their complex so beautifully!
    I love Nmp’s comment about filling the cinder blocks w Thyme! I hope the yard brings you lots of happiness – you deserve it!

    1. I may just get around to filling those. Got a lot to do first. Steve took me out to a roadside nursery and I picked out plants for the wash tub and two blue pots. Only to find out they’re not turning on the sprinklers until “summertime.” Whatever that means. They just cheaper and cheaper all the time and raise our bills here. But it is what it is.

  17. Wow! You have other talents. Planning and describing your landscape with love is evident. Ty.

    1. I do love to watch nature and gardens grow. The squirrels scampering around and hearing the birds chirping. I’m liking my “strange yard” more all the time.

  18. Everything looks lovely and I agree about filling the cinder blocks with small plants. Just pace yourself and take it easy and ENJOY IT!!! The watering is still an issue, but the management should do something about that. Or just ask for their advice. It won’t hurt to ask.

    1. Management says they have no answers for my water problem and that corporate tells the yard guys when to turn the sprinklers on, which won’t be for some time apparently. Ron and Pat have all their flowers to and are in more sun. We’ll figure something out.

  19. Brenda, the landscaping really looks nice. That will be such a relief for you to have it completed and then get to gaze over it from your porch or your house. The Japanese Maple is really pretty. I finally got one last summer and it survived the frozen week this year. It has filled out quite a bit but it is much smaller than yours. I hope your yard provides lots of enjoyment.

  20. Everything is coming along nicely. Glad you got someone to do all that heavy work, it can be exhausting and back breaking. I don’t recall hearing about your sprinkler system. Was that on the property when you moved in or did you have that added? That would be a great help if it worked properly. Enjoy your lovely view!

  21. I hope your ankle starts feeling better soon. The garden area looks great! Roberto and his crew did an excellent job. I especially like how the rocks were used to close in the area around the large tree, it now looks more cohesive overall as a “raised bed.” Perhaps a former occupant or even management tried using the concrete blocks to create a partial raised bed and/or to cover over roots from the large tree that may have been poking through the ground and becoming a trip hazard? The Chinese maple and the hostas are beautiful, as are the coralbelles – and all pretty much self-care. I know you want to have a lot more flowers and plants, but realistically, how much would you be able to care for yourself without bringing about a pain session with the bad ankle? It sounds like it would be very expensive to bring in the gardening crew 3 or 4 times a season. Maybe consider a “living wall” on your patio that you can easily reach and care for or a plastic/composite shelf unit (like 36″ high) that you could use to display your herbs and plants that need more care, and in the rest of the space plant more “care-free” perennials? I am a fan of hostas myself, which are pretty much self care, and they come in so many different colors and sizes.

    1. They put the concrete blocks there because of drainage problems, I was told. And you’re right, I can’t handle much this year.

  22. It looks really nice! I think it’s a shame you have to do this work yourself (or pay to have it done). I understood it at your last apartment because the area you worked on was private and seen only by yourself.

    1. I know. But I am glad others can enjoy walking past it. I can always enclose my patio one day if it doesn’t cost too much and that would be privacy for me and Ivy anyway.

  23. Your yard looks so inviting now. Glad you were able to find someone to do it so nicely. It certainly makes looking outside or sitting on the patio much more pleasant. And you can enjoy it without having to do the work. Good choice!

    1. Physically I knew I couldn’t do it. There is not a question now about that.

  24. Brenda, I think your new landscaping looks beautiful and was worth every penny it cost. Congratulations on taking the plunge to get it done…I can just imagine looking out your patio doors and seeing the beautiful yard. Stay well, safe, and sane, Charlotte

  25. Despite the few minor glitches that “Miss Total Perfection” (you! 😉) are annoyed with, I think it’s all beautiful! The irregular brick path gives me an “old English garden” vibe. That line up of bricks that we all initially puzzled over after you moved in has been integrated into a pleasing divider.
    We have a wooded lot as well, and our hostas love us, thrive wonderfully, and give us plenty of “babies” for free to fill in other areas. You’ll soon be offering yours to neighbors because, under your care, those plants are gonna be HAPPY!
    I love how your complex is a haven for birds and squirrels. A safe happy place where nice people feed them, take cute pics, and let them exist in peace!
    My window boxes get lush and overflowing with impatiens every year. Maybe you’ll choose those for your outdoor pots at Under the Sun?
    Your metal lizard and sun wall hanging are tasteful accents. I’ve seen yards gone hog wild on gazing balls, wind chimes, cement animals, plastic flamingos, mini fences, rain gauges, spinners, painted wooden bending-over-butt-people, and so many hanging and non-hanging ding dongs and doo dads that my head rotates faster than the rooster shaped weather vane perched atop the whole mess. Gotta remind myself to be charitable, though. Obviously someone is proud as a peacock over their handy work! (Ceramic peacocks…yep! Seen those, too! 😉)

    1. Oh, I see yards like that and I just wonder: Do they really think that looks good? I guess it does to them.

  26. Why don’t you fill the holes in the cinder blocks lining the walk with thyme or some other small herb or ground cover? Several types of thyme would fill in nicely, stay small and camouflage the cinder block uglies. A lovely community garden did that and it looks charming with the thyme spilling over.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about using thyme to fill the holes in the cinder blocks. There are different creeping types that you can get – many varieties.

  27. Everything about your yard is stunning, Brenda! I hope you enjoy every minute to spend on your patio. Money well spent if you are happy and content.
    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Steve asked me why I spend money to make their place look good. But I do it for me.

  28. Brenda, it looks so nice! I’ve been so sad for you not being able to work in your garden. I send a little prayer up that your ankle will heal every day when I check your blog. I think having a more shady spot in this new apartment will work out so much better once you get everything planted. Hopefully your sprinklers will get fixed. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it everyday.

    1. Thank you. I want to get out there and work, but I know I can’t. I live for planting season.

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