What if you Googled yourself & found something shocking?

In this gripping page turner suspense, Caroline Thompson Googles herself and discovers the shocking details of a past she doesn’t remember.

You know, with Google out there, it can be a scary world. No longer can secrets lie dusty and unearthed in the darkest of places. This woman is terrorized by a past she does not even remember
Can you imagine Googling yourself and finding your sister’s obituary, and you didn’t know she was dead?
Oh. My. Word.

This scenario started when one of the other gossipy mothers started Googling people and finding out ways to embarrass them with their past. 

So Caroline decides to Google herself one very ordinary day while the children are at school.

At first she finds mundane stuff about things she’s done for the school or community.

But then she Googles herself with her maiden name.

She learns that she had a hysterectomy at a very young age due to health problems. 

But she has two daughters. So where did they come from???

She’s dashing around trying to find out what she might have done, trying not to look crazed as a rabid bat in front of her husband (which does not work), while she tries to figure out why she got left in the twilight zone.

Could she have stolen her children? What kind of person am I, she asks herself.

Then she digs around trying to find baby books for her elementary school age daughters, to make sure they’re actually her daughters. And instead she finds a box with all kinds of creepy information inside. 

If you love a thriller, then find a copy of this book to read.

If you’re so inclined, poor yourself a glass of wine and start delving into the nightmare this poor woman suddenly finds herself in. For me it might be hot chocolate if the weather cools off tonight.   

I know you can’t help yourself. You’re probably already Googling yourself with bated breath! 

Or maybe you’re reaching for a glass to pour just a bit of wine first in case you find something scandalous that you didn’t know was out there…

Be careful what you search for.

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  1. Your Abi is a little scamp isn't she?…One of my cats, if she wants something and I won't get out of bed to get it she proceeds to take her paw and push things off of my nightstand…lol..I have tons of vintage linens and hankies…I'm always afraid if they aren't bought that they will end up in a dump somewhere and the ladies worked so hard on them to make their homes pretty…I must read that book…lol…I'm off to look in Amazon!

  2. When things slow down around here, I'm going to look for this book. It sounds like one I'd love. I have googled my name and found there are several of me. lol! Not in the same town, of course.

    I once got a letter from a collection agency saying I owed XXX dollars and I sent them a letter back telling them that they had the wrong Cheryl and that I didn't even have a credit card with that particular company. They kept sending letters and I then called them and they were very rude and acted like I was lying to them. The last letter had the other Cheryl's SS number on it, which I thought wasn't done anymore, but I was able to tell them that mine was completely different and was finally believed. Whew! (I only gave them the last 4 numbers of mine!) What's weird is that the person they were trying to reach didn't even live around here, so I don't know how I ended up with the letter. It all seemed legit, but maybe it was a scam, I didn't look into it any further since I was just happy to finally get them off my back!

  3. Hi Brenda. Your photo of the linens over your kitchen sink makes me realize I haven't used mine for decorating in a really long time. I'm going to pull them out and think of a good place for them. You have a beautiful collection and you've done a great job of arranging them. Thanks for the idea.

  4. And you love those pups…even the scamp! ha ha. I like the linens on the window. I don't remember seeing that before, but could just be my memory. ha! In any event…I think that is a magazine worthy idea! Better Homes and Gardens, where are you??? sheila

  5. I love the vintage linens on your kitchen window! I missed seeing them when you took them down before.
    Oh that book sounds like a good one. I will need to read that one!
    Abi looks adorable no matter what, and Charlie too….

  6. Love the vintage linens and your babies are just so cute!! I've done that many times with books…read until I can't hold my eyes open…wanting to find out what happens but never want it to end! Love and hugs!!

  7. Brenda, I love your linens, and on the window – such a nice touch! Lol, I can so relate to the fine tuning on the crooked. Pictures don't lie, do they?

  8. You just cost me $4.99, lady!! I had to go straight to Amazon and buy the kindle version of this book – I can't WAIT to start reading it, but I'm on book 2 of 3 in a series right now that I have to finish first. I love seeing your photos of the pupsters – they are just so cute!! And your vintage linens look fantastic above the kitchen window, so cozy and perfect!!

  9. i love abi's haircut. she looks like a little puppy! one who doesn't want her butt chewed and who always appreciates beautiful vintage linens. LOL!
    thanks for the book review. i will definitely check it out.
    i googled my name once and found out that i'm a sex offender currently living in palm beach florida!!!
    OH MY GOSH!!! NOT!!!
    i've been afraid to google myself since then!
    but what an unusual plot for a book.

  10. Hi Brenda, I love a good book, but I like chick Lit. I do not like anything scary. I worked in a convenient store when I was 18 years old and was robbed at gun point. Ever since then I can't stand to be scare or nervous about things. Only want to read happy books. haha thanks for sharing, it sounds really interesting but can't do it. 🙂

  11. I love the linens! I have many that I should get out and launder or at least give a little air! SUch a cute pup. The ads on our blogs are really getting annoying; I counted 5 ads through your blog and they have become so distracting when you just want to read a very enjoyable blog. I wonder if viewers of my blog see so many? I guess so! Despite the ads, I loved this post!

  12. Your pupsters are so cute…love their antics…Abi's hair will grow… Love the vintage linens! Mu daughter and I are going thrifting on Thursday…have to see what I can find.

  13. Sounds like my type of book! Thanks for sharing. I can remember staying up all night reading a book because I simply could not put it down. LOL So glad to see your vintage linens back in your kitchen. Love old linens! If only vintage linens could share their stories!

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