Why Do Cats Pounce On Anything That Moves?

Charlie often likes to be completely under a blanket. I guess he feels safer that way. But now we have Ivy. And Ivy pounces on anything that moves. Why do they do that, I wonder?

Last night he was under a blanket on the bed while I was reading. He moved a foot or something. And here comes Miss Ivy hellbent on jumping on it.

I keep trying to distract her. But she’s pretty stubborn.

You know I still don’t understand how cats can jump straight up in the air from the posture of standing still. It defies the laws of gravity or something.

But then here they are today…

Another Gray Winter Day:

It’s another gray day outside. Cold and gray. It’s been colder this winter. I drag my little stove from living room to bedroom at night.

I thought my patio door was going to get put in this week. But it just keeps getting put off. I’m getting really tired of that. Maybe it’s time to move. I guess I can look around, as I feel more sure of funds now.

I’m for sure tired of having to pay for things around here myself, because otherwise it would never get done.

New Book I’m Reading:

I started a new book last night called “Dear Wife.” It’s about a young woman who is a real estate broker. She makes twice what her husband does, and he resents her for it. He abuses her with his words and his fists. And so she comes up with a plan to disappear.

She saves up money she’s put back for a year, enduring what she has to. She hates to leave her mother has dementia and is in a home. And she and her twin sister are close and are together a lot. But this has to stop before he manages to kill her.

She takes a job cleaning a church rather than using her broker’s license because she figures she can stay under the radar.

Blending In:

She dyes her hair and wears clothing she’d never have worn before in order to appear innocuous. More than anything she just wants to blend into the landscape and not be noticed. A sad state of affairs for someone who has achieved so much and has a good education.

But it’s the only way she can think of to stay out of his sights. She knows he will look for her. He will hunt her down and make her pay.

The police are called about her disappearance. And they are looking at him, as the husband/boyfriend is always the first suspect.

He’s realizing that he shouldn’t have sent threatening text messages to her over the years. Because they are traced and it makes him look very guilty. The lake behind their house is being searched.

The husband doesn’t like not being in control. His temper is razor sharp as the days pass and the press stays on his front yard. He would really like to get hold of her for doing this to him.

It’s a highly rated book. Too bad a person would have to resort to such drastic measures. But sometimes it’s the only way.

She says in the book: “Why do people always ask why she stays? Why don’t they ask why he won’t let her go?”

So true. Why indeed.

This book is published Jun 25, 2019.



  1. Poor Charlie, he does not look happy at all. Cats are so peculiar, if we could only get inside their thoughts for a few minutes. Of course, it would probably make no sense whatsoever…LOL The book sounds interesting, I will have to keep an eye out for it. Love and hugs!

  2. It is curious how cats can seemingly jump straight up and down. You’d think they had springs in their little paws. But being instinctive hunters it makes sense that they’d need to move suddenly in order not to give your prey any warning or chance to run and escape. Our domesticated felines don’t factor for the reality of not being in the wild. They just do what they are wired to do. Around here, though, you don’t see any springing into the air by the two old lady cats that live at my house! The younger one is a good mouser but I think the mice are a bit dull plus they don’t have much of a clear path to run! Sleeping and eating are the ladies’ main activities now.

    I so hope your slider gets repaired soon. And your little heater not turning off automatically is a worry. Just be sure you keep it away from anything flammable, especially at night while you are sleeping. Maybe with the new money coming in it is time to think about replacing it. It would be so awful for you and the fur babies to suffer a fire.

    The new book sounds like a nail-biter! I tend avoid those because I mostly read in bed at night and I sometimes get the willys if the story has a lot of tension and suspense in it. In fact, I’m reading Sally Field’s autobiography, “In Pieces” right now and some of the things she describes at the mercy of her step-father growing up give me a case of nerves. I had to put it down and read something else for a few nights. I just couldn’t deal with it. Now that I’ve picked it up again the story is farther along and not so full of the abuse so I’m not experiencing as much anxiety. Does that kind of thing ever happen to you, Brenda?

    Off to bed. Take care and pats to the fur babies.

  3. Thanks for the book suggestion. Don’t rush into anything as that patio of yours is a true gem.

    Carol and Molly

  4. Oh, Brenda, please don’t do anything in a hurry. Give your new income a six-month settling in period. See how things work out. Maybe, see if you can save a bit of cash as a ‘cushion’, for whatever the future holds. It would feel good to have that extra bit of security in place, whatever you decide to do eventually.
    When the time to move is right, you will know. The only thing one makes in a hurry is a mistake. You have plenty of time ahead of you.
    Please, for now, just relax in knowing that things are going better.
    Your fur babies are so lovely, side by side.
    Blessings, Corinne

  5. Miss Ivy Lou pounces because she is instinctively a huntress. Anything that moves or flutters or wiggles is fair game and irresistible to her feline mind.

    Love today’s pics of them.

  6. There better question to ask other than “Why” because that usually starts a conflict or argument with yourself or others.

  7. Have you watched Jackson Galaxy on Youtube? He’s a cat behaviorist and wonderful. He also has a book giving his backstory. A great guy and very interesting

  8. Moving is very hard on the nerves and with you having all the pain with your neck and hands I think maybe you should wait and see what happens first .Talk to your manager and put a bug in her ear that you are very disappointed in the service perhaps she will get on the repair asap .
    Also mention this to Nathan he will pass the word to management .Also you have your apartment looking so great it would be a shame to leave it I think .
    Last but not least it is extremely hard on pets (Google it ) !
    Just thoughts for you to consider .
    I hope they get your door fixed ASAP !
    Hugs to all !

    1. Also, it might be hard to find a place with such a large patio. We know how much you love to garden and create your on little oasis on that large patio area. Looking forward to seeing what all you plant this spring! Charlie looks like he might be wishing he could have his blanket back to crawl under.

  9. Is the book based on a true story? Sure sounds like it might be! The world is more dangerous than one might think, especially for being in the USA.
    Well, Spring will soon arrive…and now that you will have money…sounds like moving might be a very good idea indeed!! Hope you find something very nice!!

  10. I had to smile at Charlie, it’s as if he is thinking “Good Grief”. The book, Dear Wife, sounds very good. Going to Amazon to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  11. Brenda, you recently mentioned the DuraFlame stove no longer does auto shut down. I worry about that. Do you have a carbon monoxide poisoning detector?
    That book sounds very intriguing! I’d read it.

  12. I’m smiling at the photo of Charlie and Ivy lying next to each other. He has his head turned away from her. I’m imagining he’s sighing and thinking “what I have to put up with! It used to be so peaceful around here.”

  13. Hello Brenda,

    I must have 2 odd cats (not related) because I live on the coast of Ecuador and have Gecko’s, roaches and even had a crab inside my place. Neither cat took much notice.

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