My Home Office

I’m late posting today because I was putting the finishing touches on my home office. One lens of my camera stopped working, so I had to make do with two others.

Without further ado, this is the office I’ve slowly worked on for several weeks.

In My Home Office, here is a view from the door.

A Feminine Office With Boho Styling:

It turned out to be a feminine office with boho styling thrown in.

I didn’t really know where I was going with this room. But I began with the pretty scrolling bulletin board (Hobby Lobby) and went from there.

Of course it was half-price. I rarely buy anything from that store that isn’t half-price.

This is a landscape painting I bought from Amazon and a wicker indoor/outdoor chair from Lowes.

A Painting I Ordered & An Indoor/Outdoor Chair From Lowes:

I ordered this painting from Amazon and it was around $50. It just spoke to me.

I bought the wicker chair at Lowes and I thought $88 was a good price for an accent chair for my office.

Especially because you can use it indoors or outdoors.

In My Home Office, I brought the little plant stand vignette to put in here

The Plant Stand Vignette:

I brought my little plant stand vignette into my office.

There’s a lot more light streaming through the window in this room. So I brought both old and new plants into the room for better lighting conditions.

I picked up some of the house plants yesterday at Lowes when I got the chair.

My pony tail palm plant in an old bucket

The Pony Tail Palm Plant:

Of course you remember the majestic ponytail palm. It is now not far from the window where it can get the bright light it needs.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned where I got the stool the plant is placed on. It was from Amazon as well and I bought it before I moved.

In My Home Office, I ordered this gold and glass console table and decided to put my plants in front of the window on it

If you look to the left inside the bookcase and next to the red pitcher, you can see three little stacked boxes. They are the cremated remains of Pepper, a rescue dog that died before I started this blog.

And the other two are my beloved Abi and Charlie. I still miss them all so much!

A Glass & Gold Console Table:

I ordered this gold and glass console table from Amazon and put it together a few days ago. It was $66.

When I buy a bookcase or a console table, I know I can find multiple places to use both pieces of furniture. So I never feel like I’m wasting money with either one.

You can use a console table behind a couch, under a window, as well as in an entryway.

Here I’m using it for a lamp and house plants.

Some of my house plants

I already had the lamp and brought it with me from Texas when I moved. I’ve been wanting to put it somewhere, and finally found a spot.

The Curtains:

And as I’ve mentioned, I got all my room darkening blackout curtains from Amazon. I used them on the windows at the other apartment.

I brought the little Trader Joe’s plants in here as well. They just weren’t getting the proper light in the kitchen.

I may get a grow light in there. But this spot is a good one for them for now anyway.

In My Home Office, this is another view of my desk and the only window in the room.

I had the desk and chair over at the former apartment. As well as the bookcase. Remember I made a little office nook in the dining space there?

An overall view of the whole office

The Layout Of The Room:

There are two closet doors in here. I keep the litter box in the closet.

With two closet doors and one door that leads to the bathroom and another that leads to the hall, it was a little difficult to arrange my office around all those doors.

Yes, that’s a lot of doors to work around! Four total.

First I had my desk against the wall. Then I moved it in the middle against the bookcase. Later I angled it toward the middle.

And the desk arrangement you see now is obviously the one I finally chose.

In My Home Office, this is the girly bulletin board that I started off with to decorate this room

The Bulletin Board That Began The Decorating Process:

Here’s the half-price bulletin board that started the entire decorating process in this room.

Sometimes I know what I want to do with a room before I begin.

But many times the decorating process will start with one of two pieces of furniture and I’ll go from there.

My home office with desk and chair

A sweet reader sent me the spiral notebook. It says: “She believed she could so she did.” I just love that!

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in guest posting or link insertion on your website.
    Is this something you are currently offering?
    If so could you let me know the process please and how much?

  2. Brenda- Love your office. It looks more like you, but what I am really looking forward to is your garden space. I know it will be over the top & your friends there will can’t believe how pretty you will make it. I would like to see your garden way back when. (when U were with your X husband. It was wonderful .I just love it. Keep up the good & pretty ideals you are always doing. Thanks for sharing~

    1. I don’t have any photos of the garden “way back when.” They were deleted when my blog posts accidentally got deleted 2009-2013.

  3. It looks like an absolutely lovely place to do your work! I love how it came together piece by piece, as you found things you love.

  4. Love it,Brenda! It’s so light and airy looking. Wonderful job!
    I love seeing the plants in front of the window – I hope Miss Ivy doesn’t want to check them out – lol!
    Thank you for sharing with us – I truly enjoy reading your blog.
    Hoping so much that you can get pain relief – I think of you often.

  5. My first thought as I viewed your top photo: Feminine! And then you described it with the same word!
    The super deals you got on your pieces of furniture make me think of those magazine articles where they show a celeb wearing some $1200 pair of jeans and a $900 sweater and then, alongside, the nearly identical Target and Sears items for 90% less! Your rooms have a “big money” look for pennies on the dollar! A lot of your success relies on the simple, tasteful items you chose, their creative placement, and the array of accent pieces – enough to draw in the eye without any cluttering. Soooo well done!
    And so sweet how Penny, Abi, and Charlie will always be with you. What beautiful lives you gave them!
    Finally, I chuckle when I see those feathered dream catchers on your wall. With my cats, they wouldn’t last a day! Yanked down, disemboweled, de-feathered, dragged all over the house – and finally left for dead under the couch, saturated in cat saliva!

  6. I knew this room would be the best one Brenda! So happy for u and just loving your space!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Your office is beautiful, I know you are happy to be settled in your new home. Love all the plants.

  8. Brenda, this looks so beautiful! I love your plants, you have such a green thumb that your plants always look beautiful. I hope that you enjoy working and relaxing in there. How are you feeling? Have a great weekend.

  9. You hit a home run! It was definitely worth the wait🙂
    It’s all you, perfection!
    I wish I had your ability to mix and match different styles and have it come out perfect!
    Enjoy! Say hi to your fur girls from Bella and Bud😻

  10. Looks great, Brenda. Light and airy…a really nice space! Hope Ivy won’t try to add the piece of lace on the bulletin board to her “tie back collection”. Wouldn’t want her bringing the whole thing down onto herself!

  11. In true Brenda fashion, this room is beautiful! The plants will enjoy being in front of the window. I like console tables, too. We have two – one in Brian’s office and one in our master bedroom. The one in our bedroom has our TV on top. It has two shelves underneath, which I really like.

  12. Brenda, your office looks great–so inviting! I love all the plants and really like that pretty bulletin board. You’ve really done a lot to bring it all together despite being in such pain lately. I think you will really enjoy working in this new space. Congratulations on getting it all together and for sharing it with us. What now?? The garden, I guess, right? That will be a new experience having to tailor it for more shade-loving plants. I know it’s gonna be beautiful, though. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

    Hope your pain is less and you are feeling happy with your office and optimistic about the garden.

  13. The space is lovely…the plants and lamp on the console table and the table itself are a beautiful combination…everything is striking..enjoy it all 💕

  14. Wow, Brenda, it turned out beautiful! I knew it would. It looks very peaceful. I love it.

  15. Your office came out just lovely. Very warm and cozy like the rest of your home. Your creativity will just flow in there.

  16. Amazing, as always, Brenda! I’d love to have a beautiful room like that to work in, now that I work from home full time. You did a great job pulling it all together! Will you actually write in there now instead of in your comfy chair? Or will you use it mostly for things like paying bills and such? Either way it’s a lovely space to spend time!

    1. I have to write posts, etc. sitting in my recliner because my right leg needs to be elevated most of the time. Pretty much all my bills are on auto-pay.
      I will use the office for more crafty things and keep things I need organized. A place for everything!

  17. Wow, you pulled it all together so beautifully! I love it! I felt bad abandoning you because of my leg but you absolutely did not need my input. Just lovely!

  18. That came together very nicely. I want a desk chair like yours! My favorite spot is the coffee bar corner in your kitchen. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Love the layout of the office! It’s always fun to see the close-up of each section. And, I love that you always give us a shot of the full room, like today’s view from behind the desk! Great job!

  20. It’s lovely, Brenda! I love all of the paintings….would you mind telling me where you got the floral ones?

  21. Love this office! I wish mine looked half this good but I have 2 huge sugar glider cages that kind of ruin any attempt I make at decorating it.
    Where did you get the orange baskets on the bookshelf? I really like those.

  22. Everything about your office is perfect! It’s set up with a fabulous flow and it’s beautiful. All the plants look great.

  23. Your office came out great! It is so pretty and it looks so nice and bright! I’m sure your plants will love it in there!

  24. Beautiful and relaxing! I love the boho items mixed in, especially the dreamcatchers. The desk chair deserves to be showcased & now it is. I love a light-filled room. Perfect for brainstorming the garden design of your dreams. All of your landscape pictures are so inviting. I love to meditate on a natural scene.

  25. Well done, Brenda!
    Will Ivy perch on the glass console table in front of the window to keep an eye on things outside?
    Have a safe, relaxing & pleasant weekend!

    1. I think the console is a little high for her. And she won’t jump up on something if there are lots of things on it. So I’m hoping she won’t try. Yesterday morning I did get up to find the paintings on the mantel were on the floor, so she’d jumped up there.

  26. Love your office layout Brenda, to think you had to work around 4 doors! You would make a great Stylist for anyone’s home.

  27. You have made a beautiful home there! I’m so happy you got somewhere safe. Look forward to reading your blog everyday.

    1. Just lovely! I think the wall decor along with the plants absolutely bring it all together and brings out the cozy feeling. Plenty of interest and subtle colors.
      One of my favorites is the plant stand vignette with the white plate in it. Oh Brenda, you give me so many ideas for my place. Love it all.

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