I’m late posting today because somehow my camera configuration or the files they get downloaded to somehow got messed up. I couldn’t figure out which one it was, so for hours I sat here agitated trying this and that trying to fix it.

I know just enough to download my photos into folders but not enough to understand all the folders the photos go into. Somehow it was in video mode and kept saying it couldn’t find the video.

I won’t bore you with more of that because it was just a mess that I don’t know how I got into. But now I’ve managed to fix it.

At any rate, I couldn’t transfer today’s photos from my camera to this computer.

I find it funny that Ivy has taught me to fetch. She brings her swirly toy to me and stands there waiting for me to throw it. Then she runs after it, lumbering along like the big cat she is. But boy can she will give it all she’s got!

Oddly enough I was never able to teach Charlie and Abi how to fetch. I never got them past me throwing a ball and them running to it.

But instead of picking it up in their mouth and bringing it back to me, they would run up to it and then turn around and run back to me without it.

Then Ivy figures it all out all by herself.

See all that cat food above? It arrived yesterday from Chewys. I already had one full sack of cat food and ordered more because oftentimes these days I go to order something and it either is out of stock or takes two weeks to get here due to the coronavirus mess.

But the question is: how did I manage to order this many sacks of cat food? That certainly was not my intention.

Well, I don’t know. It is a mystery. But Ivy has plenty of cat food for the near future.

I have ordered a cord cover for the fountain cord that will rest against the wall and go up to the light socket. So I won’t be trying to get all that fixed up until it gets here, which seems to indicate a week from now from the email Amazon sent me.

It has been raining with such ferocity that I just feel it’s best to cover the cord going to the fountain. Though it is up against the other side of the French doors under the wide overhang of the roof, water is still soaking it when it rains.

So I’ve left the fountain turned off for now.

Because Charlie can no longer raise his legs high enough to get into the blue container bed to do his business, I carved out a spot for him behind the wicker settee.

I took bricks and enclosed a small area with dirt and sedum and lemon balm.

However the last two days when the rain is pouring down my patio has stood in probably four inches of water and the water doesn’t seem to be flowing anywhere. Poor Charlie has had to go outside and slosh through the rain water until the rain stops.

So this morning I got out there and figured out that my next door neighbor’s patio has a cement enclosure that was impeding the water from flowing out. So I had to dig out the dirt and bricks and rearrange the space for him.

My garden is looking so pretty when I stare out the French doors. I see a sea of white and yellow and shades of purple.

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  1. Ivy is definitely very smart and I’m glad to see she won’t go hungry anytime soon. As if you would ever let that happen. My plants will be ready for pickup today so I will be able to get my garden planted. Can’t wait. xo Laura

  2. Hello Brenda
    I always enjoy your post! Just wanted to share we had a cat that love to fetch. It seemed crazy for a cat to do that! Growing up with cats I never experienced it until Cecil came along. He was adopted and I guess his previous owner taught him.

    Ivy is a special kitty and she has unique qualities. Cats are a hoot. Glad you have her and Charlie to keep you company.

  3. delighted you & Miss IvyLou are having playtime. She certainly is a happy kitty.
    You are a very caring & loving mommy
    to CharlieBoy & Miss IvyLou.
    Building a space for CharlieBoy to have his
    I would like to know if your beautiful yellow rose is pot planted. I tried 3 times to grow
    roses in pots and was not successful.
    Thank you. You & the babies be safe as
    possible. That’s all we can do.
    The sun ? will come out tomorrow!!!

  4. Ugh, I can sympathize with something suddenly changing/going out of whack with a technology thingy (you can tell what a techy I am by my terminology, heh heh) and driving myself nuts trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. I’ve noticed that many times after a new Windows 10 update, my printer won’t work for a few days, for instance, and other oddities. And when they make changes to the technology at blogger it drives me crazy because I don’t understand coding, etc. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? Today we are supposed to get thunderstorms here, but so far, no rain. It is cool, dark and very damp though. I worked outside for 3 hours and made some progress continuing the great winter destruction and nutshell clean-up. Didn’t get to cut the grass in the back though, I just ran out of steam. It’s not even summer yet and I’m already back to taking 1 hour naps most afternoons, I get so tuckered out. Perhaps I need to start looking for a house with a postage stamp size yard. Not ready to and really don’t want to go back to apartment living like I did when I was young.

    1. My printer doesn’t work after a Windows 10 update too! I never thought about it being because of the update! I’m glad you mentioned it !

    2. I don’t think I could handle a big yard again. I find them harder to figure out a design for than smaller yards. I have never been able to nap during the day.

  5. Don’t you hate it when something goes wrong with any of your stuff (cameras, computers, Ipads etc)? I know I try to fix it right away and I’m always so nervous that I will make matters worse. Then you finally somehow fix it and your so relieved and pray it doesn’t happen again! Well, you won’t have to order Ivy food for awhile and you know it won’t go to waste she will eat it sooner or later ! Your garden is looking so pretty!
    My daughter and I are going to the nursery next week and pick out my flowers for Mother’s day, I’m looking forward to that!

    1. Oh, that will be fun! I get so excited when entering a garden nursery. All the color and the scent of flowers makes me happy. Yes, I worry when I’m trying to fix something on the camera or computer that I will make it worse, and it makes me a nervous wreck!

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