1. Oh, my goodness, that Charlie is one handsome Dude with his sunglasses! And so unassuming, too!

    It has become cool here, especially at night. I am working outside, pulling weeds and working up the dirt nearly every day and I love it. I am preparing a strip of dirt along the side of my garage to plant hollyhocks, one of my favorite flowers, this Fall. I have a whole lot of hollyhock seeds my nephew gave me two or three years ago. I didn’t know if they would sprout so I tried some in a pot and quite a few of them did so I am optimistic about having hollyhocks next spring.

    Hugs to you and pats for the fur babies.

  2. Little Dude!! Charlie is the coolest! LOL
    Thank you for giving me another reason to smile today. I hope Charlie’s treatments continue to give him some relief. And you as well.
    Ivy is a joy to behold.
    Stay cool, Brenda. I live in the SoCal desert so I”m staying indoors most days.

  3. Oh Brenda, This picture of Charlie is the very MOST adorable ever. What a sweetheart. I pray that his treatments will help him and you have lots more time together. Every moment is precious, as well you know. Talk to you tomorrow, anxious to see what’s new..Hugs to you and your lovies, from WI

  4. My dog who I lost a year ago was doing the laser treatments. She had red goggles and looked so adorable in them… at least in her Mom’s eyes she was. It really seemed to help her but did nothing for my son’s dog. Taking care of our children and our beloved pets comes first in my book. I’m dreading a vet appointment for my very skittish cat for this afternoon. She has congestion and a runny nose but she is a former feral kitten and she’s always been a scaredy-cat. I’ll have to entice her with a treat to get her in the carrier. Looking forward to see what else you have done in your cozy home tomorrow.

  5. Oh wow, Charlie is the cutest thing EVER in those glasses with his little tongue lolling to one side! That photo is priceless. One of my favorites at home is a poster of two dogs, one like a small shaggy dog and one little pup with pointy ears (like a shepherd) and they are both in WWI “aviation” masks with the big dark goggles. I smile every time I see that poster. I see it all the time and it elicits the same response from me every time. I’ve got it framed and hanging in my den/library where I spend the bulk of my time when I’m not outside puttering around in the yards and gardens. Maybe you can find a place for a slightly enlarged and frame “portrait” of Cool Charlie, Lady Slayer. I’m smiling just thinking of it.

  6. Good morning! Charlie looks cool with or without glasses. I am glad he is getting cold laser and acupuncture. My dog Ella, loves it and it works for her. I am enjoying the process of finding a meditative and calm home–it is good for everyone there.
    Keep up the good work.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

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