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  2. Hello Brenda
    It was so interesting to read about your garden and flowers. You really know your stuff! 😉
    I love Zerber Daisies. The Zinnia picture you posted is really pretty. I don’t know much about gardening and appreciate your experience and knowledge.

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

  3. I hope you are able to find lamb’s ear, maybe order from a nursery online? We’ve had a mini “heat wave” in SE Wisconsin. It is 57 degrees F right now (3:03 p.m.) and I’ve spent hours out the past two days slowly cutting up all the large limbs and branches that came down in that awful ice/snow storm we had in January. I have one large branch left to cut off what’s left of the green and then cut up the smaller branches. The large limbs have been stripped pretty bare, I need to cut them down to 4 foot or less lengths before the city will accept a special pick-up request. I will be glad to get that huge mess off my patio. We may break a record here in Wisconsin for the warmest February ever since state records have been kept. The last of the snow finally melted away overnight. If I never see snow again, I’ll be just fine! The garden beds are filled with nut shells from my squirrels. I will be working for weeks to get them cleaned out once spring arrives for certain. Oh well, that’s what I get for feeding the local critters.

  4. So glad you’re on the mend, Brenda! Our local nursery will take requests for plants and either order them for us or hold them for us when their regular order of them arrives. Check with your favorite nursery there to see if they’ll do the same with Lamb’s Ear for you. Looking forward to your in ground and container gardens!

  5. I want to grow some fuchsias! and also daphne. When I lived in Portland, OR, they both grew beautifully. I’ve lived in central Oregon for the last 10 years, and neither will grow there, due to the hot dry weather and super cold winters. Now I’ve moved back to a more temperate climate on the coast, so I’m planting both! The fuchsia can bear the winters here and you can just leave them outside in your flower beds all winter! Same with daphne, which is SO fragrant.. I can hardly wait! Marilyn

  6. I look forward to seeing all the flowers you grow. Your gardens are always beautiful. My favorite color is purple. I love it when you plant purple flowers! 😊. Question… if the pineapple sage helped settle Charlie’s tummy, do you think it would calm your’s?

  7. Hi Brenda,
    I recently read a book I think you might enjoy, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. It’s a small book, quiet and beautiful. A mysterious illness leaves the author bedridden. Then a friend brings her a pot of violets that also contains a snail and Bailey reflects on all the things she and her new companion have in common. It’s a different genre from what you usually write about. Maybe it sounds a little strange, but I wanted to pass on the recommendation. It would make a great bedtime read.

  8. Wish I had your green thumb…plants surely like you!! I have had some grow for me in the past but here I don’t spend time outside anymore…criminals dampen the spirits for doing that. And I am busy…taking care of Hubby and all else. Maybe some year I will again so a few.

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