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  1. Wonderful photos…I definitely see all the family resemblances. So interesting to do the DNA…I have found out many people and things I would have never known, my mom is doing it now, too.

  2. i'm so happy for you. this new discovery has opened doors in your heart you thought you'd lost and were closed forever. it's amazing really. and these pictures are ALL beautiful! you and your daughter especially look just alike. but it's everyone's eyes that show the connection. so lovely!

  3. Brenda, you look shy, but strong and attractive in your photo. What a journey you have been on since that photo was taken. You've lost some people, places and possessions, but gained others. I'm glad you've made the connection with your sister, and have a cousin who has helped in finding her. Your daughter is so lovely and looks very kind. Darling Andrew has changed a lot between the two photos! Look how he is treasured by his mom. You didn't have that kind of connection with your mom, but you raised a daughter who could be such a mom. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing these people in your life.

  4. It is so exciting watching this happen for you Brenda..Thank you for including us in it..Please keep us posted on what happens..I am so hoping that this leads to more happiness in your life…you surely deserve it! Hugs!

  5. I've been wanting to do that DNA test on Ancestry for awhile, now, mainly to see where my ancestors originated from. Who knows, maybe I'd find some family, too! Your grandson really looks a lot like you!

  6. Such a wonderful story! sure is helping so many people learn about their heritage and to find long lost family. How inspiring!!

  7. I think it is amazing that you can match with people by DNA. I'm so glad that you have found family. You all have similar eyes. Love the picture of your daughter and Andrew.

  8. It seems so impossible that you and your sister found each other but what a blessing for you both. You seem to be enjoying the connection. I am happy for both of you.
    The picture of your daughter and Andrew is special, a true treasure. She looks very happy.
    After your many challenges it is great to know you are finding more happiness.

  9. Thank you for sharing these photos with us, Brenda. You and your family are beautiful and I'm so happy for you to have found your sister. It looks like Andrew has a little cowlick in his hair – I noticed because my Andrew (who is 19 years old) has one in the same spot – too cute!

  10. I think this is all so fascinating. I never knew you could do DNA match-ups on Ancestry. I may have told you that via Facebook, I have gotten to know cousins I've never met, we Roberts' live all across the country. I love getting to know them, it's just a precious gift at this point in my life with my parents gone and my children grown/nearly grown. They're all on my dad's side. I grew up with my other's side – many of whom were not nice at all 🙁 So it's a double bonus to know the other side now. Enjoy knowing your sister!

  11. I thought the picture of the young girl was surely you. What an amazing opportunity for you. Where is your sister living? Love the photo of your daughter and grandson she looks like a very happy mama.

  12. I love that you feel so comfortable with your readers to share things of such a personal nature. Such lovely photos. I really enjoy reading about your family and how things are unfolding. Sometimes people don't want to be found, but isn't it wonderful when they do! It amazes me, the avenues at our disposal to find long, lost family and friends. You must feel very blessed.

  13. That is so interesting! So if one takes the DNA test, they will match you up with others who did the DNA test?

    I can see the resemblance in the eyes of Marietta and Andrew. I can't get over how big Andrew's gotten.

  14. The photo of your daughter and grandson is so precious. What a wonderful picture. Glad you are finding your extended family. Nice to feel that connection with other family members.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing! I love stories of families reunited. The photos are great too! I hope that you and Marietta will be able to meet one day.


  16. Good Morning Brenda,
    Oh I enjoyed this post and yes it truly is amazing how you found one another and the very close family resemblance. Lovely photos of everyone and it is a treat to see you too!

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