Apartment News & Lunch With Daughters

Yesterday I learned from the new apartment manager that they aren’t planning to renovate units with people living in them. So I guess I won’t have to worry about that.

In apartment news, I went down to the office to ask him the manager if I would have to start paying the extra $15 per month per pet rent. I don’t know when they’re going to be implementing this.

And he told me no, my pets would be grandfathered in. So that is a relief.

After that I went by the grocery store, as I doubt it would be wise to go next week. The woman who checked me out told me she lived in a condo that she’d finally paid off.

I asked where. She said right across the street.

I was admittedly envious. Those are the condos I’ve always wanted to live in. They were built in the forties, I think. They are right next to my grocery store and Supercuts where I get my hair cut. And most everything else.

I constantly look online to see if any are being leased. But typically the rent is either too high, the place has carpet, which I absolutely hate, or they don’t take pets. They’re rarely for sale or rent.

They are cute little bungalows grouped side by side much like these are. But much nicer. They have been taken care of better than these apartments. They have small fenced backyards.

Maybe someday.

Yesterday I walked right into Ivy twice because I didn’t see her. And when you walk into Ivy it’s like walking into a concrete block. I am stumbling and about to go over her unless I can right myself.

Several times I’ve also seen Ivy and Charlie snuggled up. It isn’t Charlie’s idea, mind you. It’s all Ivy.

But she is a playful kitty and can’t seem to leave it at that. She has to put her big paws around his neck and once she acted like she would bite him, but thought better of it.

She also is eating his food. That’s all I need. Ivy is on a diet to lose 2 pounds. I feed them at the same time, and she gets fed on a table in the bedroom to keep Charlie from food that would surely make him sick.

But Ivy has teeth and Charlie doesn’t. So it takes him longer to eat and Ivy takes advantage of that. Sometimes I pick her up to keep her away from the food. But my back is still not in good shape from when I took her to the vet.

He doesn’t snap at her when she’s eating his food. That’s up to me. He just snaps at her when she gets too close to him or touches him.

Cats are the silliest creatures. I will see her jump sideways up into the air, flip and do all kinds of gymnastics on a whim. For no discernible reason.

Well, I’m meeting I hope both daughters for lunch today. And possibly my granddaughter, who just turned 11 on Monday. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her and I have a gift for her.

Here are some of the photos her mother, my oldest daughter, put on Facebook on Marley’s birthday. They are of various ages.

The first one is with her birthday cake, the second when she was younger with her dog, the third holding Andrew when he was a baby, and the fourth with her mother.

This is a recent photo I took from FB…

That tall boy is my grandson Riley, who turned 16 a few weeks ago and is now driving. He’s tall and into basketball I heard from younger daughter.

I saw Riley for the first time in years a few weeks ago when we all met for lunch. Marley was out of town with her other grandmother at the time.

I haven’t seen Marley in such a long time and I have missed her so.

I have a small barrette that fell out of her hair one of the last times I saw her, back when I lived in the little blue house. I have kept it all these years in my top drawer in my bedroom, because it makes me feel closer to her.

It is so tough when families have rifts. I have missed so much of their lives.

I haven’t discussed it here because it has been very difficult.


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  1. I hope you can have a better relationship with your daughters and grandchildren from here on out.
    You may have already seen this, but I just discovered Sari Scraps and other cool stuff. Just do a Google search. I think it goes right along with your Boho look.

  2. Why do families have rifts? I don’t understand but we all do. It’s so sad especially around the holidays. I miss my daughter so much. I’ve tried everything to get her to come over. But there’s always a catch. Like money that goes straight to her boyfriend who’s in prison. She’s not well and it makes me so sad.
    Anyway….your oldest grandson looks a lot like you. So happy for y’all. Hope it’s the best Christmas ever!!

  3. Your daughter and Family are beautiful. Glad things are on the mend with them for yall. :0) Family separations are so painful..and seem to happen in a lot of Families no matter what the circumstance. Time does heal alot of times. The Condos near your favorite shopping areas sound nice and I know you would love having a small yard for your beautiful gardening skills. Be careful as I have found..we do not bounce good at our age. Have a lovely and blessed Christmas. Cheers.

  4. Could you put either Charlie or Ivy in a separate room – either the bathroom or your bedroom – while you feed them? That’s what I do with my two cats since they’re on separate diets and will eat each other’s food.

    Nice to see your family photos. I hope for peace and reconciliation for all of you.

  5. Re yesterday: I love zinnias too: especially Magellan, when I can find them. They stay uniform in size, and fill in like a hedge. Your daughter and children are beautiful, and I’m glad you are taking baby steps. You could teach them so much- especially about contentment, Acorn is wonderful! Too many good programs to count!

    1. I like zinnias a lot with so many colors and “designs” or “patterns” – I always plant seeds in flowerbed in summer and they come up so quick! I, also, like Gerbera daisies and have one on its 2nd wintering over (inside or on porch if temp is tolerable) so far. 🙂 b

  6. What a nice holiday present to get to see your daughters and the grandchildren you have seen so infrequently. They are all handsome kids. I hope you get many more opportunities to be with them.

    Those condos you mention sound interesting. Maybe there will be one for sale if you keep watch. Then you could move and we could see how you decorate a new place. Wouldn’t that be fun? I know, easy for me to say since I wouldn’t be doing any of the work! Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

    You know, I have nearly fallen over the cat and the dog on a couple occasions. The dog, who is a big pitbull/boxer mix has this habit of lying down behind me when I stand at the sink in the kitchen because there is a rug on the floor there. Sometimes I won’t hear him and go to step away from the sink and nearly land on him. Who knew it was so dangerous to live with four-leggeds? Seriously, though, do be careful–you don’t need a broken or bruised or sprained anything.

    It’s the Solstice tomorrow–hurray for the journey to more light!

    1. “The dog, who is a big pitbull/boxer mix has this habit of lying down behind me when I stand at the sink in the kitchen because there is a rug on the floor there.” Our largest dog does the same thing – But “old dogs can learn new tricks” and I’m talking about me, not our dog. lol – I, now, look down to make sure the floor area is clear before I take a step and it helps. 🙂 b

  7. I’m so glad that your getting to see your grands and your older daughter too, besides your younger daughter and family! I know it’s hard bc I’ve been there too!

    Merry Christmas Brenda to you and your family including your fur babies! Have a healthy and prosperous new year coming up in 2020! ??

    Also I wish all your readers a very Merry Christmas and healthy and prosperous new year in 2020! ??
    I’m praying that things are going to get better for everyone in 2020!

  8. Hope you got to see your granddaughter, Brenda…how well I understand such things. What our children seem not to realize is that they are teaching the grandchildren how they expect to one day be treated…sad. You surely seem to make the best you can of the situation and no doubt the daughter who has always kept contact is part of this development as well!! Sending hugs!!

  9. Wow, these two grandchildren have grown up a lot since we last saw them in your photos. I know that sounds silly — of course they’ve grown up! But, it always is so amazing to see how much children change when you haven’t seen them in a few years. They look healthy and happy. I’m glad you have gotten to see them again, and I hope it’s the first of many more visits.

  10. What a gorgeous family and loved their 2 puppy dogs too. They have big hearts to take care of pets too, like you, so it speaks volumes for their kindness. Let’s hope everyone can move forward and forgive and forget and make new memories. So much you can all be a part of together while on this earth so I hope it happens.

  11. Thank you for sharing your family pictures with us. Also pictures of your fur babies. That Ivy is one beautiful cat. It is good that she is such a happy cat. Our cat is a happy cat, too, and gives us a lot of laughs and pleasure. Surely was nice that you didn’t have to pay extra for your pets. One more happy thing for the day!

  12. I do hope both daughters and grand daughter made it to the lunch Brenda. Nice Christmas gift for you. Sounds like relationships are being mended….sometimes it takes more time than we’d like. Not always easy.

    Take care

  13. You have a beautiful daughter and just as beautiful grandchildren we didn’t know about. I’m just so happy for you, and I am praying for a joyful reunion and continued opportunities to visit with all of them.

    1. I kept up with them growing through FB. To get into everything just turned on the waterworks. I cried while even writing the post this morning.

  14. “Families are a challenge even on good days,…” Indeed they are, but at least You, Brenda, get to spend some time with them. Yay, things can only get better since that time is spent. Good looking family, humans and dogs! Our older dog, Jack, is on a continual diet (I really have to watch how much he eats) and so during the day he is on the “hunt” for any “crumb” he can find. He has learned to open the gate to the front room and that is where Chloe (the Chi) spends most of her days, including eating her meals. Needless-to-say, he helps himself to her food if I don’t keep a watchful eye. Charlie is sooooo cute! – His photos are always soo good! It’s a smart cat that knows his/her limits – Charlie looks like he wouldn’t harm a fly. Like Your Pothos (I think that is what it is) – Is the candle in front a battery operated one – I need to get one to put in the metal house I’m getting – I wonder if they work well, go through too many batteries, etc.? Have a Great Lunch (You’re probably eating right now and a Great Weekend! 🙂 b

    1. Yes it is battery operated. Think I got it at Home Goods. I have not had to change batteries because I don’t leave them on long. Just like I follow my daughter around when she’s here and turn off the lights. Maybe that’s just an old folks thing! Using things sparingly.

      1. “Just like I follow my daughter around when she’s here and turn off the lights.” I do the same thing with Hubby during the weekend lol – It’s just the dogs and me during the daytime during the week and I keep lights, etc. to a minimum (i have 1 light on right now) – Yes, I’m old school – He earns the money, but I have to watch it go out to bills and I like a low power bill as much as possible. I’m heading to FF (Fantastic Finds) again tomorrow (I go slow there) and should pick up a battery candle – I still need to order the metal house You told us about – I think it is neat and it will look cool amongst the plants on my desk!! Thanks for answering! 🙂 b

  15. Awww ,,,,,, wonderful you will see your daughters & hopefully grandkids. Sure hope everyone can work out family differences. To be around for each other is just marvelous. So worth the effort.

    We are always tripping over our pets! They get right under your feet; will not move. All day long I tell them,,,,,,, “girlies, scoot!!” They look at me like ,,,,,, huh???

    Have a lovely day and weekend Brenda ?

  16. Wonderful news that you will be getting to see Marley. i know it’s been a long time. That just makes me so happy for you.

  17. Brenda, how wonderful to see your daughters today! I hope your granddaughter is there too! Families are a challenge even on good days, hopefully things are looking up and you will see more of all of them.

    Take care and have a wonderful day!

  18. I’m so happy to hear you and your family are reaching out towards each other. I hope it continues.
    Regarding Ivy, I have heard that cats should not each dog food as some ingredients may not be good for them. Perhaps a quick call to the vet could clarify this. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  19. I am so happy to hear that the rift may be closing. It is so important for both grandparents and grandchildren to have a relationship. I will keep my fingers crossed that someday you may get one of those condos. xo Laura

  20. I hope your daughter comes to lunch, Brenda…I know she often doesn’t make it. I’m glad you’ve come this far….

    Great news about the apartment! Maybe someday one of those condos will open up for you.

    I nearly fell over Molly yesterday morning too….I put her little fleece jacket on her before letting her out (which she hates, but it was soooo bitterly cold out I had to) and somehow when I straightened up and went to walk to the door she got tangled up in my feet – I’m so glad I didn’t fall, I would have landed right on the fireplace – scary!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yikes! Wow, be careful there Debbie (MountainMama [from “Country Road” by JD?]) – Dogs are so quick to get underfoot – Our little rescue lil guy (JRT mix) comes running all excited to go out and our older dog (Basenji mix) goes slow as molasses. Then, the inheritance dog, Chloe aka. DaisyDew (a Deer Chi), takes up the rear trying to dodge invisible “puddles” (or that is the way it appears)! So, on the way to the door I get to choose which dogs I want to be in the middle of. It’s almost like a sprint race! lol 🙂 b

  21. Such good pictures of your older daughter and her children (and their dogs). And yes, it is hard when there are rifts in a family (and I do believe most families have rifts — hard not to when so much emotion/love is invested so heavily in relationships). The good news is that the rift appears to be closing/healing so may 2020 be a great year with wonderful new memories.

    Maybe 2020 has all sorts of surprises (good ones preferred) in store — one of those bungalows might just come on the market and you can snap one up.

    Enjoy your lunch out today — and the rest of the day in your own cozy little house.

    Take care.

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