1. What a perfect subject today, as I was going thru my library-book-sale book titled “The Gardening Book for Ohio”. I’m trying to decide on ground cover, perennials and a few annuals to create my flower garden. Spring is just around the corner!

  2. You are so lucky that you are experiencing the thrill of seeing everything come back already! Not much here in IL…just lilies and daffodils starting to poke out of the ground, and I did see some buds on my lilac bush yesterday. Next month will be when everything starts exploding around here. Can’t wait!

  3. I can’t see a darn thing as everything is still covered by snow!! You are so lucky to see green sprouting up from last year!!

  4. My chives are are 10-12 inches tall. Multiple buds on my rose bushes with one bud already open. So exciting to see. I just hope a cold spell doesn’t come.

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