Plants are now emerging on my patio I’m excited about the new growth in the containers. When green starts coming up in the pots, I know spring isn’t far behind.

Above is sedum autumn joy.

mint plant

The mint has come back from last year.

creeping jenny plant

Creeping jenny has emerged in quite a few pots. I love this plant because it is a “spiller.”

In a container plant, you typically want a thriller, a filler, and a spiller.

A thriller is a feature plant such as fountain grass. A filler is a plant that spreads out and fills the pot like petunia or daisies. And a spiller spills over the edge.

These three types of plants create a striking container garden.

container garden

As you can see the galvanized gardens have plants coming up. There is an ornamental grass coming up to your far left.

Various sedums are coming up in the other pots. And I’m seeing very small plants that I am hoping are black-eyed susan and cone flower.

succulent plant


This is clematis. I planted it a few years ago and it comes back nicely each year. It has white flowers.

A few hostas are now emerging from the soil in the blue raised garden.

I’m thinking about plants to fill in the containers and a few vines. I think I’d like passion vine and morning glory. Perhaps fountain grass because I love the texture for background interest.

For annuals I want petunia, verbena and daisies. I like to plant annuals to fill in around the perennials. And probably a few others I haven’t thought of yet.

I always plant herbs, and on my list are my yearly favorites: pineapple sage and lemon verbena.

My chives didn’t freeze, so I already have fresh chives for baked potatoes. I’ll probably plant oregano, lemon grass and salvia.

I will plant a few vegetables. At least one tomato plant, and I’m also considering a few others for fresh summer veggies.

And Jade is showing tiny green nubs on her branches!

So that’s what’s going on on my patio. What’s happening in your garden?



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  1. What a perfect subject today, as I was going thru my library-book-sale book titled “The Gardening Book for Ohio”. I’m trying to decide on ground cover, perennials and a few annuals to create my flower garden. Spring is just around the corner!

  2. You are so lucky that you are experiencing the thrill of seeing everything come back already! Not much here in IL…just lilies and daffodils starting to poke out of the ground, and I did see some buds on my lilac bush yesterday. Next month will be when everything starts exploding around here. Can’t wait!

  3. I can’t see a darn thing as everything is still covered by snow!! You are so lucky to see green sprouting up from last year!!

  4. My chives are are 10-12 inches tall. Multiple buds on my rose bushes with one bud already open. So exciting to see. I just hope a cold spell doesn’t come.

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