living room

Here’s my Charlie sitting on the couch arm. He likes to gaze outside to see if there’s any critters to bark at. He is the barker in the family. Abi doesn’t bark all that much.

Except when she sees me about to go out. Then she pitches a fit and Charlie joins in.


Abi is on the back of the couch in this photo.

Jade the tree

A photo of Jade this week and the annuals in the green pots.


Yesterday I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I love their ginger snaps. Also their soy ice cream. Have you had their turkey corn dogs? I like to dip them in mustard.

After a few days of rain the sun was shining brightly and my patio flowers started to perk up in response.

I finished reading “After Anna” by Lisa Scottoline and so now have four books on the table next to me to write reviews for.

When I open a new book to read, I feel a sense of excitement. What will I find within the pages?

Will I become immersed in the story telling? Will I love the book?

And so opening a book is like beginning a journey. You don’t know what you’ll learn along the way or what you will find at the end.

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  1. You said Abi knows when you are about to leave. Isn’t it funny how our pets are like that. Our cats always get upset when they see us getting ready to go anywhere. Then we get the sad eyes when we go out the door. I love how Jade has filled in so quickly! She is beautiful!

  2. That face on Abi! She’s a cheeky little monkey just like my Monkey!! They are so cute, those sweet pupsters! I have been on the same book for a couple of weeks now, just too busy to pick it up sadly.

  3. I love to see photos of your pups and garden! Everything in the garden is looking great! And the pups are cute as always. I have one that is a barker and instigates the other to join in.
    I too am a fan of trader Joes, I love the macaroni and cheese. In case you did not know, you can ask to try anything at Trader Joes if you would like to try it before you buy it.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I can’t wait to see the jade plant in bloom. The pups are looking good. I too am a fan of Trader Joe’s and love their corn salsa with chips, a little bit spicy, but not too much.

  5. Love the photos of the pupsters! They look like they are looking straight into the camera lens; I know both are accustomed (and possibly resigned) to you taking their photos by now. Please let them know how adorable they are and how much we all enjoy seeing them. Tell them this brief interruption of “dog duty” is necessary for our entertainment and joy.

    Jade is showing off — she is beautiful and your containers are looking so nice. What a great time of year!

    Enjoy your books; I love reading your reviews.

  6. The sunshine just makes everything brighter and happier,don’t you think?
    I’ve been cat sitting for my daughter this week and alternating between my house and hers at night, needless to say,I get quite a dose of catitude in the morning when I get home.
    My 2 Bs (Bella and Buddy ) love their attention and treats:)
    I feel the same way about a new book,I’ve been a bookworm since I was a child….

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