Reading Books That Suit Your Mood

It is raining. I see it drip-dripping off the gazebo roof as I sit here on the couch. A pupster is on either side of me snoozing.

Same old, same old around here.

Romantic photo of books

The rain brings me tranquility and peace of mind on an overcast rainy day in mid-March, and makes me want to read. 

Bone Box:

I also read Faye Kellerman's book, Bone Box

I’m currently reading a Faye Kellerman book.

For some reason I’ve never been able to get into her books. But since I recently finished one of her husband’s books, I thought I’d give her book a try.


In reading books that suit my mood, I also read Jonathan Kellerman's Victims

Contrary to my earlier beliefs, I loved them both. I am reading through her book anticipating what will happen next.

Isn’t it funny how we pick up a book and just can’t get into the plot at all? And then somewhere down the road, we pick it up again, and we’re enthralled by it? 

In between those two books, I read this one.

The One & Only:

I read Emily Giffin's book The One And Only

I truly enjoyed it as well. It’s about a young woman in her thirties, living in a college town in Texas. She finds herself falling in love with the college football coach, who just happens to be her best friend’s father.

Yeah, it gets dicey, since she almost grew up in their home.

And before that book, I read this one.

Sleep No More:

In reading books that suit my mood, I'm reading Sleep No More by Iris Johansen

This Iris Johansen book had been on my bookshelf for a few years. I guess I couldn’t get into it either. 

But on this second attempt, I loved it. 

I guess it really depends on your mood and what you feel like reading. 

Settling Into Bed To Read:

Every night I settle into bed and read for hours. It is such a pleasant way to prepare for sleep. I’ve learned that being on the computer or watching TV keeps me awake longer. 

I have an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom. And every night just before bed, I add drops to it because the fine mist keeps Abi from coughing all night. 

Lavender, as you probably know, is a sleep-inducing herb. And it has such a pleasant and lovely scent.



  1. I'm awful about relaxing before bed. Usually I'm catching up on blogs or watching the news. Always a bad idea. I like your way better 🙂


  2. I always read before bed, too. Just recently finished Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Hear there's a newly released movie that's based upon it to some extent. Its intended audience is young adult, but I enjoyed it immensely (even though I'm years removed from that age group). I read any type of genre, as long as it appeals to me. Thanks for your great-and candid-blog.

  3. Well…looks like bedtime reading is a favorite among everyone here!..That is great!…Same here!…Maybe I will try the diffuser too…I have a type of COPD…and I have a kitty with asthma who has been having a rough time at night lately…she sleeps with me..

  4. Oh I love lavender and it's so calming right before bed. I use linen spray in our bedroom and bath. Will be glad to see the sunshine and get out in the garden again! Stay warm!

  5. My bedtime routine is much the same. I turn off my laptop, ignore my phone, wash my face, brush my teeth, get in my pajamas, then I lie down on the couch with a blanket and either a book or magazine. I read for about an hour until I start falling asleep!

  6. I have often done the same, picked up a book later and the time and mood was now right for it. There are times when I really need something light to read before sleep and pick up a book bought at a thrift shop like a Mary Kay Andrews book I recently read called Save the Date, a darling book about a florist who does flowers for weddings. I'm passing it on to my future daughter-in-law. And other times I go through my collections of old books like those by D.E. Stevenson, Edna Ferber, and Alexander McCall Smith. Currently I'm working my way through Frances Mayes' Tuscany books for the 4th time!

    I too use an oil diffuser but don't use lavender as it gives me a headache. And I know that being online keeps me awake longer, but it is sometimes too tempting to resist!

  7. I agree with you, read the book which suits your mood.. currently I'm reading a novel based on the time of great depression.. it is a good book.. but as I didn't read the previous books in the series , it's taking me time to sort out all the characters..

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  8. I love to read before bed. My favorite books are about different time periods in our history. The late 1800's seem to keep my interest very well, a time of good manners, people needing each other's company, and hard work followed my a day of rest on Sunday. I need to try the lavender diffuser too, maybe it would help my allergies. Love the subject Brenda!

  9. I love to read in bed before going to sleep. I need to try the lavender in a diffuser. I too will try a book and not be able to get into it and then try again years later and love it. Funny how that happens!

  10. I always read before bed, too. First I read to my kid, who is not young, but you know how teens are like cats and get active in the evening then sleep in the morning? So we have continued the ritual of reading. My kid putters, preparing things for school, then lies in bed and sometimes gets a foot massage while I read in English (school is in French, and I want to push the level of English vocabulary beyond what my kid is willing to put up with independently). Right now, it's a collection of Sherlock Holmes. Then I go to bed myself, and read. But I find that I don't so much read according to my mood; instead what I read resets my mood. Right now, I'm reading a history book, "King Leopold's Ghost."

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