More and more people are choosing to live in smaller homes. Some are downsizing when their children leave home. Some get divorced and need to scale down. Some just want to live a simple and more frugal lifestyle.

For whatever reason, you may be facing the design of a small bathroom.

Here is a look at six distinctive styles.

This bathroom is made up of cottage style with a little farmhouse thrown in. I love the simplicity of the bathroom sink and the curved legs underneath. I also like the various shades of green used in this bathroom space.
This bathroom is both bold and eclectic. The dark wall on one side and the wallpapered wall on the other is very interesting and fun. Sometimes people think you can’t use dark colors in small spaces, but the space above seems to work.
This bathroom is a bit rustic. I like the use of baskets for bathroom storage. The small sink built into the piece of furniture embodies simplicity. With so many people moving toward simple living, this is a style that will be popular.
This fun and colorful bathroom has a lot of gumption and spirit. Rolled up towels on the bottom shelf is a great way to store towels in minimal space.
The wallpaper just behind the sink is a bold statement and draws the eye right to it. The mirror is fun and interesting and different. I like the simplicity of the plain legs with a wood top.
This bathroom has a vintage vibe fore sure. The dresser evokes cottage style. It’s been repurposed into a bathroom sink, which gives a farmhouse touch to the space.
I like the chippy basket that holds towels. The mirror is also chippy and old.
I really like this bathroom. The fun blue-legged table holding the sink is simple and doesn’t take up much space. The white shelves on either side of the sink are an appropriate solution for storage.

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  1. It's nice to see small bathroom ideas, it seems that Canadian builders over the years have put large houses with small bathrooms on tiny lots. It's been years since I had a decent sized bathroom. The one good thing about it is that a small room is very easy to clean. 🙂

  2. My bathroom is soooo small…I hate it…in our last house there were two bathrooms…A large one upstairs (converted from a bedroom) and a small one (toilet & sink) downstairs…I miss that place…

  3. I love #5! Reminds me of my Grandma Elizabeth's dresser…
    Of the first 3 tiny bathrooms, all the sinks were so close to the wall on one side that I wonder how one could bend over to wash their face-wouldn't their elbow hit the wall?

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