If you love to bake, this is an adorable little baking station if you live in a small space. The designated shelves allow vertical storage that can be tucked into a small space in your kitchen. Paint the book shelf in a favorite color and it becomes decorative as well.

vertical storage

Here you have another vertical storage solution. This desk allows room for stationary and bills, stamps and pens. All kinds of office needs.

The magnetic frame is another small space solution for items. Then the wall bins, probably normally used for cereal, is perfect for buttons or coins.

wall storage

Here is a creative way to repurpose a bathroom shower rack. Use it for craft or stationary/wrapping paper storage instead of soap and shampoo in your bathroom. It is thin and doesn’t take up much precious space.

wall storage

But by adding a pocket of fabric to these embroidery hoops, you then have room to store items in plain sight. Like artwork above a desk.

You could put these embroidery hoops with pockets on a kitchen wall and store wooden spoons, etc. Or in a bathroom to store items like tooth brushes, toothpaste, band-aids, etc.

Love this!

toothbrush holder

Speaking of tooth brushes, here is a tooth brush holder that has been repurposed for pencils and pens. The soap dish is repurposed for small items like magnets.

tool caddy

This wooden tool caddy is repurposed to store necessities for your dining table. It could store candles, silverware, cloth napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and napkin rings. This is a clever way to store and carry everything to your table at one time. No extra trips needed!

After the meal, just put everything back in this caddy and tuck it away till the next meal. Cool!

wall storage

Here’s another solution for wall storage in your kitchen. These office wall pockets are a great way to store take out menus, recipes, or paper pad and pen for jotting down grocery store reminders.

button storage

If you don’t need a spice rack to store spices, why not repurpose it for buttons? You could organize by color or button type. A decorative way to store buttons and would look quite nice on a desk or table used for crafts.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these solutions for small space living. You have to get creative living in a small home.

I love these ideas from Maybe you can use one of these ideas for your own home.

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  1. I like the office wall pockets and the spice rack for buttons and other notions. I also think the embroidery hoops with pockets are clever. Useful ideas, Brenda. Thanks.

  2. I love the boxes next to the fridge and the button organizer too. But I still love my grandmothers button box. It was a metal container with pansies painted on the top. It gave me hours of fun stringing button necklaces and bracelets. My grandmother would look at the buttons and would tell me about whose dress or shirt the button had belonged to and then the family stories would begin. I loved her stories and the buttons became special because of them.

  3. Geat ideas I am in a single wide mobile home Grandma raising my granddaughter 4 yrs 8yrs share a small room any idea for maximize space,storage

  4. What clever storage ideas. I will be making the rounds of antique stores/thrift shops again this week looking for some wooden boxes and a wooden tool caddy. And the office wall pockets are really neat. And the shower caddy ……… And…… all of these are so darned smart and look so pretty.

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