1. Those rooms are beautiful but I’m not in a big hurry to put away my Christmas decorations. Since we have a real tree we take it down in the beginning of January but all the other decorations stay up till at least the end of January. We don’t put them up until December though.

    1. Sounds just like us. Why are people always in a hurry. We like to enjoy the warmth of this beautiful season.

  2. Some good ideas for winter decorating once all the Christmas decorations are taken down. In all the past years, I’ve taken the Christmas decorations and tree down on the 26th or 27th. Was always so tired of looking at it and the clutter and would declare, “Christmas is over!” But this year I’m feeling differently. Maybe because I took longer to decorate and also didn’t do as much. I’m actually enjoying it a bit more this year and also don’t have the energy to take it all down in a few days. I feel like I just got done tweaking it all! Come January, I know I’ll feel differently. I like the idea of using greenery and pine cones for winter decor.

    I love chicken pot pie and haven’t made it in a long time. Good reminder that I need to make this again soon.

  3. I wanted to say very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you and Ivy. Thank you for brightening my days this past year and I look forward to 2024 with you and your posts.

  4. Everything so interesting. Have went in and looked at the homes, now need to go look at the rest. Fun.

  5. Such lovely rooms! I love peaches, nice to have a recipe that uses the frozen ones.

  6. Those little snow globes are so cute! I think even I (with no talent whatsoever) could make a few with items I have on hand. The recipes – oh my! They all look so yummy. Reminds me I have to do the hike to the supermarket before the rain arrives to buy some items I thought I had (but don’t) to make a hearty ground beef casserole with mixed vegetables topped by cheesy scalloped potatoes. The white cabinet display (top image) is just stunning, such a treat for the eyes with so many interesting things to look at. The second room (by Liz Marie) is very nice; I’m not a fan of all white rooms but that room has a good balance of wood items mixed in that add a lot of warmth. The rustic looking fireplace also gives the room a real “at home in the country” feel.

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