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  1. I texted on Monday with a young woman who was one of my daughter’s best friends. My daughter died a year and a half ago from anorexia. I hadn’t been in touch with her friend for about six months. She sent me a Christmas card, and we’re making plans to get together when the weather gets better. We hope to be a support for each other.

  2. There is a lot of music that I can’t listen to because I just cry and cry. So I have found that soft jazz seems to suit me and there aren’t any lyrics. My heart was touched today by the thoughts of my new puppy that comes home to us on Friday!
    Our middle daughter and her family just moved back to Puerto Rico after Christmas and I miss them.

  3. Joey, Rory and sweet Indiana have always made me cry. What a sweet family. As for the 27 year old who passed she was filled with so much wisdom, so sorry she is gone but she left a legacy/lesson for those who are open to it.

    Have a great day Brenda,

    1. I know. I love their songs. What a sweet couple. Joey was taken way too young. As was the 27 year old who died recently.

      1. I wish I could be Indiana’s nanny. I love kids,and I’d help this family. I listen to their music,all the time. Love it! Brenda in Canton , MI.

    2. I loved Rory and Joey. If I could help this family,I sure would. I lost a very close friend in April,from cancer. My prayers are with him and his daughter always. Brenda,in Canton, MI.

  4. Wow, Brenda, oh my gosh you just made me cry. I guess I have the Monday blues now. My sweetie always thinks I’m a big sap because I cry at things I see on TV….I guess he’s right.

    1. I cry at things I see on TV too, so you’re certainly not alone there.

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