Allium Plant & Ivy’s Cat House & A Book

The weather seems to be cooling down a bit. However I tend to not go farther than my patio, and that’s to sometimes take photos. So I’m not outside every day.

But I read the weather forecast online, and the temperatures have lately had highs mostly in the nineties. Thank goodness for it getting a little cooler!

My Allium Plant:

In Allium Plant & Ivy's Cat House & A Book, my purple allium plant is starting to bloom.

As you can see above my allium plant is blooming. But it doesn’t have robust blooms. I think it’s because it doesn’t get much sun.

Did you know that it’s one of the longest-lasting blooms to be had from a bulb?

I bought my allium plant from a local nursery.

My Ankle:

I haven’t been having pain in my ankle. But I’m not trying to walk on it except when I’m making my bed.

Greg told me to just stay off of it for now. When I attempted to walk a week ago the pain began.

It’s getting old having to ask others for help. To not be able to get in my car and drive to the bank or somewhere I need to go.

But this is how it is, and I’m just biding my time until something changes or there’s an improvement. I don’t know what else I can do.

Ivy in her blue cat house

Ivy & The Blue Cat House:

After ignoring the blue cat house in my bedroom since we moved in here, Ivy spent three evenings sleeping in it.

I ordered this cat house about three years ago, and Ivy has never seemed to care for it. So it has just sat in this apartment and my last apartment and gathered dust.

Then, unexpectedly, Ivy began sleeping in it last Thursday evening. Although part of her hangs out because she is big and weighs 17 pounds.

She tends to go back to my bedroom every evening when I’m in the shower. Ivy knows my routine and after my shower, I will watch a little TV and then read.

For three days, she was napping inside that blue cat house in my bedroom. The same thing happened Friday and Saturday.

Then last night she didn’t go near the blue cat house.

Cats are such curious creatures. As they say: A cat is a cat and that is that.

In Allium Plant & Ivy's Cat House & A Book, this is an image and phrase I found online

I saw the above image online and it is so true!

What I’m Reading:

Last night I finished one book and started reading “The Family Across The Street” by Nicole Trope. It begins in startling suspense and continues. I read nearly 90 pages of the book last night.

Told from various neighbors’ perspectives, the new family who live across the street are a bit strange.

Set in Australia, the family consists of a husband and wife with five-year-old twins. The husband is an accountant and the wife stays home with the children.

On a very hot day the neighbors heard gunshots. At first they thought it was a car backfiring or a tree branch breaking.

At first glance, Hogarth Street is just like any other suburban tree-lined avenue. A neighborhood where many people would love to live.

Image of the book The Family Across The Street

But when it comes to the West family, their neighbors begin to ask themselves: Why is it that the West family never attends neighborhood barbecues? Why do they turn people away who knock on their door?

What are they hiding and why?

Do you know your neighbors well? You might think you do. But no one really knows what happens inside the walls of someone else’s home behind closed doors.

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  1. I think it is impossible to figure out the mind of a cat, but they surely are entertaining! Wouldn’t it be great to ask Ivy, “Why no blue house tonight?” Maybe she wants to keep it as her special place, and not get too tired of it, so she’s spreading out her visits!

  2. Have you watched Cruising the Cut on Prime? A man quits his job and buys a narrowboat and navigates the canals in England. It is perfect for nights when you cannot shut off your worries…just totally serene. The logistics how to navigate the narrow locks and how those locks work is an education. Add in swans, cows, sheep, geese, dogs, and ducks in addition to historic structures and you’ll wish you were there.

  3. Comment is the word I should have used…whoops…sorry for the misunderstanding…our new kitty is training us already…she has only been here a couple days and is adjusting well…ordered her a cat tree…she will love to get up higher away from our little dogs…every day a new adventure💕

  4. It’s almost in the 90’s here again and then it goes back in the 80’s!
    When it cools down in the evening is when I bake. I’m a night owl anyway and I always have been. That’s when I have a lot of energy to burn to exercise and get things done around my house.

  5. Cooper has me very well trained. When he’s ready to go to bed he will stare me down until I finally give in. Big Sigh! He’s not able to jump on the bed so I put him on the bed, and he waits while I take care of my nightly routine. If I don’t join him fast enough, he comes looking for me. He’s so comical and keeps me entertained and on my toes. I wouldn’t have it any other way! LOL
    I’m glad to “hear” that your ankle has not been hurting lately. Keep doing what you’re doing and soon this will all be behind you.
    Have a great day, Brenda!

  6. I read this book and it is really good! Around page 191 I finally had it figured out.

  7. When I broke my ankle the Ortho told me 12-16 weeks until full weight bearing would be possible and that was a simple fracture, nothing compared to your trials.
    Hang in there!

  8. Yep, our dog had us trained in a few days! When Kaia would want to get picked up on my Dad’s lap, he would say “She ain’t my dog! “ But of course he would pick her up! She had him trained too. Ivy is so cute. Glad to hear you have no pain. Hoping your therapy has you on your feet soon.

  9. I believe that many of the readers here are independent women who are used to doing for themselves and for others over many years, rather than asking for help from others. It can be hard to ask someone else for help because we are so used to relying on ourselves and for others to ask US to help them; we are the strong ones (and yes, we are). We think asking for help might be a burden and we find that thought embarrassing, as if we have somehow failed ourselves and our loved ones and friends. But sometimes we just need to ask anyway, and get over our stubborn independence. And yeah – that’s TOUGH! We have been getting rain here in SE Wisconsin – several inches over the past 3 weeks or so, and the grass is looking much better; it’s too late for the trees this season, but it will help; another season of bumper crop seeding by trees of all types, including evergreens because of the severe heat and lack of water, and extremely early leaf shed. It breaks my heart to see that even this far relatively “north” in the U.S. our climate has changed so much that we are losing some tree varieties and various types of shrubs and wild flowers, etc. because the heat and humidity have increased steadily over the years while the rainfall during the hottest months of the last 2 weeks of June through the end of August has steadily decreased. Soon after my generation is gone my fellow Americans won’t remember when the weather was different in all areas of our country; where 100 year and 1000 year floods, storms and wind damage actually was a true statement, when these days we have these events just about every year. Right now, though, I’m sure enjoying how green my back yard grass is (mostly). The front lawn – this year I lost the battle to sod web worms, the sun and the extreme heat and drought. UGH.

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