Almost A Year Since I First Heard The Words COVID-19

Life is so different now than it was nearly a year ago. Just before I heard the words COVID-19.

I surely couldn’t have imagined that it would kill so many people so quickly.

Last year I would go into Tuesday Morning and get a cart and stroll up and down the aisles. It was always pretty quiet in the one I shopped at.

Now I don’t go into stores much. Just the grocery store occasionally. And I probably shouldn’t even do that until I began getting the vaccine.

No telling when that will be with so many people waiting for it.

Rare Grocery Store Shopping:

When I do go into the grocery store, I always turn a corner with my shopping cart and my eyes immediately go to other people’s faces to see if they’re wearing a mask.

I really don’t miss going to stores. It’s so easy to shop for what you need online. And to have groceries delivered.

I haven’t decided how I’m going to handle shopping for spring/summer planting yet. I’ll probably order seeds and then see how things pan out with the nursery come April.

I do like to get some annuals in the pots to get fast blooming and color.

In the past few years I’ve planted quite a few perennials. Some have made it, some haven’t.

I know that the blue raised bed has quite a few perennials planted in it that have come back from year to year.

I’m Listening To:

Pianoscapes For The Trails Of North America. It has various musicians, including Laura Sullivan. She created almost all the compositions.

Entertainment Pages:

I told you I was working on Entertainment pages. Yesterday I got most of the book page finished.

Then I will go on to do a page on TV and then Music. It’s taken me awhile to decide on the format.

Amazon Promoted Products I Buy:

On another note many of you have inquired why I don’t use Amazon to put a little extra money in my pocket when I link to their products. I’ve actually begun doing that this week.

The first quarter of any year your blog ad revenue is generally down. But this year for some reason it’s really down. Probably due to the pandemic.

So I wouldn’t mind making a little money from another avenue. It doesn’t change anything in the links except the variation of the words.

I’ve linked to the products I buy from for a long time.


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  1. It’s been a year…that’s for sure. We don’t go to the stores anymore either and funny you mentioned Tuesday Morning. That’s the only one I miss. It was quiet, well priced and full of treasures. Soon again, I hope…

  2. We lost our son to cancer in 2020. Then add covid, mom with dementia, daughter divorce, and the list goes on. I live in a rural area so social distancing is easy. I am just scared because I can see the frustration in people’s eyes, in their comments, even in their attitude towards life. I am seeing people who have always been happy that never smile now. I am seeing people being foreclosed on locally. We are a blue collar area and the construction jobs are all going to immigrants of which the government pays most of their wages. I feel that we as a nation are turning on each other. Between the scam calls, the scam emails and fighting with insurance I don’t trust anyone, I no longer answer my phone if I do not know the number. I grew up in a time when we needed each other. Now our kids don’t even know their neighbors name. It is depressing and I think the depression is just beginning.

  3. So many things we in our Nation take for granted..came to a halt in 2020!.. It seems like, as one of my friends put it.. “we are living in a Sci Fi Apalcalyptic time”.. :0( … I sure hope not…I want to hang around alot more years. :0) … It really has been sad/trying times. .At first.. I knew no one who had the virus, but now I know quite a few who have gotten through it or one couple w/pre-exist. health issues already. struggling. Prayers for all- heal our World. One thing for sure…we shall never take things for granted again..or.. I shall not. .. I do go out anytime..follow the rules which should be fine..if they work like supposedly they do. Like you..can’t wait for better weather.. Take care all and stay safe. πŸ™‚ ps..Hub got vaccine(Pheizer) on Mon..1st far he is fine/no side effects.

  4. Waiting to be notified of my “code” number to then call in and set up an appointment to get vaccinated – let’s just say I’m not holding my breath that it will be any time soon, despite being in the group that is supposedly being vaccinated right now – there are like 500,000 in my state alone! Like many other states, my state has a shortage of the vaccine. And unfortunately, the English mutated version of the novel coronavirus has been discovered here in Wisconsin. Where there is one case, there are bound to be more, as we now know how insidiously the COVID virus spreads. So I’m now more paranoid about going out anywhere. Yesterday and today felt positively balmy though, so I masked up and walked to the supermarket through the remains of 12 inches of snow that fell between last Saturday and Sunday (on top of 12 inches that had fallen the week before). We’ve got a blizzard headed this way tomorrow afternoon and who knows how much snow that might drop on top of shoulder-high snow banks, and then the deep freeze of a Polar Vortex episode, which may last 2 weeks. UGH – no rest for the weary. I’m just happy to see skies and sunshine today before the gloom and doom weather hits here once again. I want spring!

  5. Some of us live in small towns where there is no grocery delivery with 2 grocery stores and one dollar store and one pharmacy so we have to go out and shop for food and medicine because there is no delivery and no curbside pickup. Our Walmart / target/ Costco are 90 miles away. We have to drive 40 miles to the next town for COVID tests. We definitely live in a different world in Wyoming. Most of us are working at our jobs ( and not from home). People are eating at restaurants and going to Bars and visiting friends. It’s definitely different here.

  6. The changes brought on us this past year are hard and remain hard…but as to actual number of deaths per year? I have read that it is about as per usual…it is just that we are not aware of that in all other years…not even sure HOW one could follow such…maybe the CDC or some such put out those statistics each year, but I don’t know anyone who has ever paid much attention to that. But this year has intruded upon each and every one of us in very personal ways. We are not allowed to forget…not even for a single day. No wonder so many are stressed beyond belief. There have been more suicides I have read…which is so sad. I think we all hope that we will be allowed to return to some kind of normal…but at least in our state, I am not sure how that could happen…a lot of businesses are just gone forever now. A continuation of the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer I guess…we sure hope our little tiny favorite Pho place has managed to stay in business!!

  7. I agree with you on all points about shopping. I only go early and when the store is not as busy. I try and stay away from people best I can and for sure those not wearing masks. I’m planning to order the hair clippers you recommended so if you’d like to add that to your Amazon account I’ll order it then. (I noticed some of your music was linked so I went back to check the clippers and they weren’t linked as an Amazon affiliate item yet..)

  8. I remember last spring the first place other than groceries we ventured out to was the nursery. We have very fertile growing ground out about 30 mins from us on the way to the ocean. There are so many nurseries and vegetation being grown. So I felt safe in going to the nursery. I felt like a little kid that had been let out for recess!

  9. So much changed in the past year. I definitely don’t go into many stores but I do try to shop local and do curbside pick up. Every one who brings my things out to my car is usually wearing a mask. Although lately I’ve been doing more shopping on Amazon as I like the convenience of having something delivered. I’ve discovered that since I’ve had to stay home I find it exhausting to go out. Maybe I’m just getting old. LOL I’ve never been much of a shopper but I do miss being able to walk into a store and simply wander the aisles on a whim. The patio furniture, etc I ordered yesterday will be delivered. It’s actually a win-win for me because I don’t have to try to unload large boxes from my car on my own.
    So much has changed – big sigh!

      1. Oh thank you so much for caring, Brenda. I definitely will. Everything has been shipped so now I patiently wait. I want to add a few pots with low maintenance plants. Our summers are brutally hot so I want something that will withstand the heat. Lantanas do well so that’s probably my direction.

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