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  1. I feel just awful for you!!!
    Recovery from surgery is very rough, I know, been there with double fusion back surgery.
    This may not be the right time but you should contact the maker of the knee scooter and spell out ALL the pros and cons for their equipment. It may not be designed for what you are trying to do… if it was then they need to know it’s not working. They may have equipment that would better fulfill your purpose. Just à thought….. you arean influencer and you can speak knowledgeable about this equipment. Companies really need good feedback on their products.
    Hang in there, we are praying for your improvement…. take your time getting well…. it will be worth in ònce you are back tending your plants!! Much love and prayers Vicki 💕

  2. Hi…a physical therapist when I had my knee replacement told me to get the Drive Nitro walker. You can sit on it if need be and I put a tray on mine like a little rolling table. Very balanced wheels move incredible smoothly..various prices, mine is red, but even ortho was impressed. Didn’t need it for too long but much safer than a knee scooter. Proof of that is how many times you’ve fallen. Comes already assembled and got there In 2 days…worried about you alone

    1. I agree. The Drive Nitro was recommended to me by the therapist after knee replacement. It is a godsend…comes all assembled…so smooth…changes from tile to carpet and back line a dream. And I am 75!

  3. Read up on the side effects of the Gabapentin. My mother couldn’t take it when she recently fell and broke her kneecap because it made her very dizzy. She fell two more times when taking it resulting in a torn tendon in her hip. A pharmacist friend said dizziness and weakness is a very common issue with Gabapentin.

  4. No advice but I believe in the power of prayer . I know the struggles of healing after surgery while living solo. I will continue to pray for you Brenda .

  5. Brenda, so much wonderful and caring advice has been given here by your team of friends that I will just send you all good wishes and thoughts. Like everyone here, your well being and continuing improvement and lessening of pain are foremost on my mind.
    I wonder what Ivy Lou thinks of all this, although I’m sure her momma Brenda has talked to her all about it.
    Please, please take care.

  6. I’m late reading your blog today, so hopefully your doctor has gotten back to you. This first week is extremely important that you REST and stay on top of your pain meds. I’m 71 and luckily blessed with good health but am not a pill taker. But learned the hard way you have to take the medication and stay on top of the pain. Second week you can start backing off. The advice you have received is very good and needs to be taken. Even one fall is too many. It sounds like you are taking steps to mitigate it but you seriously need to discuss with Dr. And I’m sure he will have suggestions of safer means than your scooter at this point. Please speak with your doctor. He he hasn’t gotten back to you, keep reaching out to him. Trust me as I am extremely independent and like my privacy but in this case someone needs to be with you for the next several days to fetch and help. Okay off my soap box. Sending you positive healing energy.

  7. As I read through the replies I see that you are feeling better this afternoon. I’m happy to hear your housekeeper has found someone to help if you need it.

  8. Brenda I hate to hear that you’re having such a hard time and I hate to hear about the fall I am dealing with some stuff myself and come to the conclusion that I want to try to figure out a Way to make myself and my surroundings safer and I know you have done that and I know the surgery has sent you back and it is caused me to think a lot about what I would do something like that happen my husband is here with me but he does go out for long periods in the yard in his building and I think about if there’s days he’s not here and I fell because I had issues in my back and ankle that caused me to lose balance easy I know he tells me to keep my cell phone with me in a pocket at all times in case I do so that I can call and I’m beginning to see it more and more especially seeing what you have gone through I’ve even looked into through AARP a watch that is a fall detection I’ve been researching a lot and I know there’s some out there but they’re easy to misjudge if you’re really falling they’ve given a list of people with information about equipment just to keep on hand I hope it gets better soon and I hate you’re going through it like I said but for all of us in this age bracket sometimes hearing about it helps us to stop and think about what we really need to do in case we get in the same scenario as I always tell my friends that are in my age bracket we’re not getting any younger maybe it’ll be better now that you’ve moved to the bedroom and if need be maybe something can be moved out of the bedroom to move your recliner in there I know when I had my surgery on my foot that’s all I could do was stay in my recliner climbing on a bed was totally out pray and it gets better every day be safe Gloria 🌸🌸

  9. I got teary eyed reading that u fell and about Ron going back in the hospital!
    Just repeating like what I said b4 is rest rest and rest so your body will heal without anymore bumps or bruises!

    I know how hard it is to just stay in one place for along period of time Brenda! When I get sick I lay there thinking of all the things I want to do and can’t! It’s so frustrating!
    So glad u got Steve and your girls to look after u! Take care!

  10. Brenda, I say this only because I care about you: you need some sort of help. That scooter on the carpet is obviously not working for you. Whether it’s getting a home health aide via Medicare, going to live at one of your daughter’s houses short-term (have your neighbor-friends take care of Ivy), or even living in a rehab facility for a week or two…you cannot be falling like this. Even once was too much. You are going to hurt yourself even more and you can’t risk that on top of your painful ankle surgery. You don’t want to end up back in the hospital!

    PS – I can relate to the other injury on top of your surgery (been there, done that so I know how careful you need to be!)…10 days after my knee surgery, I was home alone and in moving some things around in the basement, dropped a 25 lb weight onto the toes of my foot (same limb as the knee surgery). The pain was so excruciating, it brought me crumbling to the floor, sobbing. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I finally got myself together and was able to crawl back up the stairs to get upstairs.

  11. Did the doctor recommend the scooter or was this your idea?
    A walker is much better.

    1. I guess it was my idea, because that’s what the two former ankle surgeons told me to get. There was no talk about it with the current surgeon.

  12. Brenda, we all care about you and what you to recover in a timely manner and see vast improvement from the last few years. Call the doctor, her can get you help!
    Take care friend, Elizabeth

    1. My housekeeper has found someone who can come help me. I told her I’d call her if I fell even one time today. I’m getting stronger and not using the scooter as much because I’m not going all over the apartment. So we’ll see.

  13. I agree with everyone here. We all love and care for you and want to see you recover well. I would call the doctor and let him know what is going on and ask what they can do to help — a doctor’s order for a caregiver to oversee you recovery and help to prevent any more falls, etc. Continuing in my prayers for you.

    1. I actually have not had much pain today. And I didn’t take the pain pill at 10 a.m. I’m trying to take just Tylenol when I’m not in much pain to transition from Hydrocodone.

  14. Medicare will pay for a home health aide but you need to get a recommendation from your doctor. And I agree with the others – you NEED to call your doctor about the pain and the falls. You need stronger and longer medication IMO and you need somebody there to assist you as much as possible during your recovery or go into a rehab facility. Trying this while living alone – on CARPETING with a scooter – obviously NOT WORKING! Just stop being stubborn and reach out for as much help as you can get. What if you had not been able to get yourself back up? What if that happens when you’re taking one of your baths in the tub? “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is not a joke. It happened to my extremely bull-headed stubborn 86 year old mother. She fell in the living room and was there for a day and a half until one of my sisters went to the house to take her grocery shopping. She had an “alert” necklace but she refused to wear it. She couldn’t crawl from the living room to the bedroom where it was stashed so she laid on that floor by the sofa for 36 hours. Don’t let that be you.

    1. I checked. Medicare will only pay if you need something like a nurse to give you injections. They won’t pay for a caretaker. Steve has my apartment key and I have his. If I needed him and was naked, for instance, he’d just have to close his eyes. I’m now carrying a phone in my basket at all times.

    2. I used a small wheelchair when I had my ankle operated on/rebuilt. I was completely off of it for 6 weeks. 7 operations in one. In a cast. I was glad to have my husband to help me. I couldn’t imagine doing that on my own. Bathing, getting outside, cooking, etc. Falling would have terrified me. You don’t need to break a knee or hip! Or for that matter an arm! You would really be out of commission then. I feel bad for you as I know what it’s like. Not at all easy. What is the quote? Pride before a fall? I had to swallow mine and accept his help in things that I am use to doing for myself. When he was at work I was alone and stayed put as much as possible. Maybe I am a wimp, but by the time I went for physical therapy I didn’t have a bad of a time as I could have. Not that it was at all easy. Just trying to tell you that resting helps a lot.

  15. Maybe a wheel chair would help although with so many corners & carpet, maybe not much. I was thinking you could put down some flat runner rugs to make moving around easier. But with a scooter, the edges might be another fall risk unless taped down.

    I’m so sorry your early recovery has been complicated. It’s unfortunate people are sent home unable to walk & the doctor doesn’t ask how you will handle aftercare. I almost had to have ankle surgery & tried being nonmobile until a decision was made. I had no helper. It was really an eye opener! Fortunately, a 2nd opinion said wearing a boot would be enough.

    I don’t have good balance any more & live in fear of falling because getting up is so hard!

    Glad to hear your daughters are evaluating your needs. One ouchy is enough to deal with!

    You could even put a mini fridge & microwave near your bed. Whatever it takes to be able to move less & rest more.
    Be sure & move your music to where you can play it frequently. It’s my refuge! I know it will help you relax & focus at the same time.

    Soon enough you will be more rested & can think about next steps. Be kind to yourself! And eat something you enjoy as often as possible. Now is not the time to diet 🙂

  16. Brenda, I agree with all the comments about our concerns for you! Please take the suggestion to call your doctor and see if they can help. Judging by his thorough communication it is obvious he would want to know about these falls. Do you think the falls can be related to pain medications? Is there a way to use a small transport wheelchair short term. They are light weight and narrower than a regular wheelchair. I am so afraid you may fall, hit your head, break a hip, be trapped on the floor for an extended period of time or possibly hurt the surgical site. Please, please, please seek some help. Sherry B

  17. Oh (((BRENDA))) In all sincerity I say to you that I had a fall once (legs gave out) where I was exactly in your position of being too weak to pull myself up, and sobbing my heart out – in my particular situation, the only thing that got me back upright was my very insistent dog getting underneath me and pushing, despite me trying to shoo her away, b/c I had a good 200 lbs on her. Strong Myndie girl!!!

    God bless your family members being completely on board for this ‘senior project’, as well as the excellent neighbors in this place!

    1. Unfortunately Ron (the shi builder) is back in the hospital with pneumonia. Yes, I do have neighbors to help and my girls can take off when they need to in order to help me. Kendra is taking me to my first appointment in 2 weeks.

  18. Can one of your daughters bring you to their house to recover? It would only be temporary, while you are recovering. I feel like it would be much easier on them to help you, if they are right there with you. Then they won’t have to stop what they are doing to drive to your house. Maybe Ivy could come with you. You could keep her isolated in a bathroom, if your daughter has pets. It’s not ideal, but considering you’ve fallen a few times, it might be an option to at least consider. Asking for help is hard, but sometimes it’s for the best. Please think about it. Sending get well wishes your way!

    1. My daughters are rarely home. Kasi works at home some, but her job takes her all over the place. Kendra is rarely home. It’s just better to stay here because I am centrally located in the middle of where their homes are. Kasi to the south and Kendra to the north/west. When Kasi is at her business office, it is less than a mile from me.

  19. Hi Brenda. We are all worried about you. Please call your doctor’s office and let them know of your falls and your pain. A doctor can order home health services that can be covered by Medicare. You will save the hassle of trying to figure out A professional needs to come to your home and assess your situation. They can help you with your mobility issues so you don’t keep falling and injuring yourself. You may need a home health aide and an occupational/physical therapist. They will check in on you regularly.

    That scooter doesn’t sound safe at all.

    Call your doctor! Please.

    1. I just sent my doctor a message on My Chart. That’s usually the fastest way to get to them and receive a reply.

  20. You made me gasp when I read you fell again. It does seem like you are falling a lot and the scooter is not your friend, although you need it now. I’m sure dealing with carpeting is not easy. Glad the girls are checking on you often. Please be careful.

    1. When you go from tile to carpet and then carpet to tile is the worst because you tilt a bit just transitioning from one floor to another.

  21. Ideas: there are phone cases that hang around your neck so u can’t be apart from it.
    The dr can order visits from aides, and other help thru home health care that are mainly covered by insurance.
    They can bring in portable X-ray to see if you have been damaged.
    You could order meals from Uber and perhaps a neighbor could bring them in?
    Rent a dorm fridge for bedroom? Or buy the tiny bedside fridge
    Bring coffee maker to bedroom.
    Keep wet wipes and trash nearby for after eating, etc.
    Wow, you need someone there.

    1. Well, Steve is home a lot. Not always, because he does volunteer work for his church. But he can receive my calls and figure out what to do till he or my daughters can get here.

  22. When I broke my ankles I had to do nothing but rest for a couple of weeks and keep them elevated about a foot in the air. About two throw pillows high. I slept with them like that for over two years because it relieves the pressure. The less you rest the longer the recovery. It’s boring as all get out but it’s not forever. I hope you find a helper shortly.

  23. Try this,
    Pain meds,2 hours after alternate Tylenol & Ibuprofen,2 hours after that another pain med and try this schedule to lessen the time.
    What’s happening is the pain is getting in front of you and when you factor in the time it takes to work,it’s not helping.
    This was the schedule my daughter used after her spinal fusion

  24. Yes. This is a time to move about much less. Rest, rest, rest, read, read, and read.

  25. Reducing your “footprint” for a wee bit by moving your base to your bedroom sounds great. The less you move around, the less chance of falling and causing unnecessary pain and complications.
    Glad to hear your daughters are checking on you and doing what they can to comfort & care for you.
    Rest, rest, rest. Easier said than done sometimes, and rest is essential right now.
    Wishing you peace, less pain, and patience.

    1. I am doing much better today. Steve was here for a few hours and will bring dinner later so my daughters will have a break.

  26. Hi Brenda, I’m a very long time reader. I’m also 70 yrs old have had ankle surgery and both hips replaced. It goes without saying it’s not your fault but I am absolutely aghast that you’re falling so often. I got a knot in my stomach when u fell the first time on your path coming in your apt. What would your Dr say if you told him you’d fallen 8 times or whatever?? You know you could break something else and be bedridden? Your physical situation could be so much worse?? PLEASE PLEASE do something so you don’t fall anymore not even once. From what you’re describing with pain, bandage the way your ankle feels how do you know you’ve not already injured something from falling already? Hey, any other readers with me here?? Concerned, worried, scared, panicked, desperate for Brenda!!!! Very very sincerely, Vicki

    1. I think we’re all with you Vicki. We all want Brenda to get better quickly. I have to say, she’s usually pretty good about listening to our suggestions, so I’m hoping this time she will take our collective advise and do what’s best for her.

    2. He wrapped my ankle so many times it juts out on either side. I just messaged him and told him about all the falls and asked him what to do.

  27. Sounds like your being in bedroom for now is a good idea too!! Hope this helps. Just have to make it a couple more days and hopefully it gets better by then, in every way. Pray so. REST, REST, REST!! Glad your daughter is checking on you more…good plan!!

  28. Brenda, is there any way you could sit on the scooter and pull yourself along with your left leg? I know it wouldn’t be ideal, but would you be able to balance better that way? Or do you have a chair, desk chair maybe, with rollers so you could have a center of gravity? Sounds like you’re just not strong enough to stay balanced on one leg. I’m babysitting one of my horses this week, need to keep an eye on him in this heat after a procedure the vet did Tuesday, but I should be available next week to help in any way I can.

  29. My doc told me the 72 hour mark was when the pain is the worst. He had me double up on my pain meds as my pain port was empty. He was right. I’m two weeks out from rotator cuff repair and biceps reattachment and the pain has subsided and I no longer need meds. I start pt next week.

    Hope you get your pain under control and begin feeling better.


  30. I hope things get better and I am sure they will day by day. When you are released from the hospital it is so easy to wonder is this normal? Your Doctor seemed like he was on the ball. Don’t hesitate to call them if you have any concerns. Hope you can take a couple of snoozes this afternoon!

  31. Patience and due diligence to giving yourself time to get over this worst stretch is utmost right now. Glad the girls and grandkids are close by to check in and help rearrange what is needed temporarily to give you comfort. It’s just this window of time to heal and you will be good to go. Keep Ivy close by your side this weekend as she might freak out hearing fireworks somewhere in the area of your new place so rest our dear friend.

  32. My husband, who broke his ankle in April 2021, had to have a second surgery 5 days after the first, due to a tumble while using a knee scooter. I truly don’t think those scooters are safe for most people!

  33. Moving your base of operations was a great idea! Keep up with your pain meds so hopefully you won’t be chasing worse pain. I know you’re already in way too much pain.
    I’m glad your daughters are able to at least stop by to help where they can.
    Keeping you in my thoughts, Brenda. Soon this will all be behind you!

    1. Just need to take it easy and get through the next couple of weeks. Kendra watered my outdoor flowers last night.

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