Still No Chair Delivery & What I’m Reading & Watching

Saturday rolls around again. Every Friday I think: How can it already be Friday again?

The water fountain is burbling water. Otherwise, it is quiet around here.

Physical Therapy:

Greg, my home physical therapist, was here yesterday. Though the doctor/surgeon said I could start trying to walk in the canvas brace, Greg said he doesn’t think I’m ready for that yet.

Greg said because of the severity of my problems with my ankle and my slow progress, that he will not push me on this.

Naturally, after 10 years of issues, I am reluctant to push beyond my current limitations with pain. I’m still trying to work the stiffness out of my foot.

And then there’s the fact that I didn’t get to start PT sessions as early as hoped because of problems in getting an appointment. Shortly after that first session, I began at-home physical therapy.

If I’d had physical therapy when my doctor wanted me to, perhaps I’d be farther along in strength and the ability to walk.

What I’m Reading:

Last night I began reading another book. It is called “The Heights” by Louise Candlish, a British author.

The novel The Heights by Louise Candlish


The Heights is a tall, slender apartment building among warehouses in London. Its roof terrace is so discreet, you wouldn’t know it existed if you weren’t standing at the window of the flat directly opposite.

But you are. And that’s when you see a man up there—a man you’d recognize anywhere. He may be older now, but it’s definitely him.

But that can’t be because he’s been dead for over two years. You know this for a fact.

Because you’re the one who killed him.

What I’m Watching On Netflix:

I’m still watching “Longmire” on Netflix, though I’m now in the last (sixth) season. Like most of you have mentioned, I will miss it when I’m done watching the last few episodes.

It is a great show. Too bad they chose to cancel it.

Robert Taylor, who plays Longmire, is a great actor. It always amazes me when actors from Australia sound so much like Americans with no accent.

The novel The Heights by Louise Candlish

After I finish watching Longmire, I would like to see other TV shows Taylor has been in. For the life of me I don’t think I can picture him acting in a role other than the one of Sheriff Walt Longmire.

Still Missing Two Chairs:

I still don’t have the two missing dining room chairs. The company sent me a new tracking number. But when I check ited with FedEx, it says the chairs have been delivered.

I was thinking last night that, since the new chairs are bigger, then perhaps it would be better to just have two in terms of them fitting around the table.

If I went this route, I could keep two of the old chairs in case another person came over to eat a meal with me. But usually, it’s just me or one other person, so four chairs are not all that necessary.

For years at the other apartment, I had either 2 or 3 chairs around the dining table because I had the table against the wall. There simply was no room for a fourth chair.

However, I don’t want to have to pay for the two chairs that have not been delivered. Therefore I’m reluctant to put the second one together yet in case I have to return them.

I’ll keep you updated on this.

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  1. Yay – the chairs have arrived! WooHoo! I hope your PT is able to come soon to assemble them for you. If not, I certainly will be happy to come. LOL
    My contract with Direct TV is ending a few months and I’m anxious to start watching other things with interesting movies and such.
    It’s been very quiet in my neighborhood today. Actually, it’s usually very quiet.
    Enjoy the rest of your day, Brenda.

      1. You’re absolutely right, Leah. However, he offered to help, Brenda because he may have the drill bit needed. Thank you!

  2. Perhaps FedX delivered the chairs to a different apartment number? You have the tracking number, call FedX and talk to a live person to find out where, exactly, the driver is claiming that the chairs were delivered, the date and the time. I don’t think you will be happy keeping only two of the beautiful new chairs and not having chairs that are even the same height, if a different style, for the other sides of your table. And the thought of taking the chair you put together apart and trying to repackage it – you are not exactly in tip top shape to do that right now! Don’t just take FedX’s “online track your package” stuff as truth. Call and talk to a person.

  3. Well, I was about to say how I understand your frustrations with the chair delayed delivery, but then I read in your comment that the chairs are here, so YEAH!! About time! I ordered something, and it was supposed to be delivered last Tuesday, and here it is Saturday, and it’s still not here! Frustrating , I know! Anyway, I’m glad your chairs finally arrived. That book sounds interesting. I’m sorry your ankle is taking longer to heal than you’d hoped. How much longer will you be able to have the in home physical therapy? Is there a time limit? If so, maybe you can hire Greg as a side job, that he can do afterwards. Just a thought. It’s been years since I had any physical therapy, but I remember it was a certain number of sessions, then I was on my own.

  4. Dear Brenda,
    I’m optimistic on your progress with your ankle. I know how mindful you are being with the physical therapy. I know it’s frustrating because of the slow pace. The damage your ankle has suffered will take a lot of adjustments; know all of us are praying for a wonderful outcome for you. My husband will be getting his right knee replaced Tuesday or Wednesday next week, just depends on the staffing. The surgeon will call us Monday morning.
    I love your new chairs. I own one nearly identical that I bought from the Bombay Co. (now closed) in the early nineties that is my desk chair. Hopefully, the missing chairs will be found!
    Longmire is a great series and so is Bosch. I like the Bosch Legacy ,just started watching on FreeVee. I started watching a new series called Crossing Lines. It stars Donald Sutherland and deals with criminals that commit crimes across European borders. The channel is called Ovation and features Canadian shows. I DVR it so I can watch when I have free time, AND NO COMMERCIALS!
    Have a wonderful weekend and give Ivy a kiss for me.

    1. I’m spoiled not having to watch commercials. I loved Bosch. Have you watched the first season of his new show: Legacy? I have yet to watch it. There are 10 episodes. The chairs are here!

  5. I’ve always like the gold chairs and I’m wondering if you still have an Amazon link to them as I can’t find them. The new ones are so pretty with your table and decor, but I’m looking for smaller chairs.

    1. I looked on Amazon and can’t find the ones I ordered in my orders, though I’m almost certain I ordered them there. I’ll keep looking.

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