I do think you’re right about that stray cat outside.

Early this morning I heard Ivy meowing and meowing. Ivy rarely meows. She was in the living room and I think she was meowing in response to that cat outside the window.

I think this is the root of the problem. I don’t know if there’s any way to fix it until we move away from that darned cat. At least 2 months of this feline displaced aggression seems to be in my future because I now think that’s what this is.

I sure hope Ivy’s behavior calms down once we’ve moved.

fall in Tulsa, Ok

Fall Leaves:

Yesterday I drove around to take photos of the fall leaves. Not that many leaves have fallen yet and the trees are gorgeous. Shades of yellow, gold, red and brown leaves shimmered in the sunlight.

I think I’ve strained my left knee from limping due to my right ankle. It has been giving me trouble when I get up and down. I’m wondering if maybe this knee compression sleeve will help.

I’ve been wearing one for my ankle since 2012 and it helps a lot. My surgeon suggested wearing it and it does help. Sometimes I even wear it at night if my ankle is hurting.

Has anyone tried a compression sleeve for knee pain?

A Fantastic Book:

I just read the best book titled “The Family.” And what’s really impressive is that this is the author’s first book.

“The Family” just came out on November 2. I ordered mine from the Book Of The Month club as my November selection, But you can get it on Amazon.com. I’d say “The Family” is one of the top 5 best books I’ve read in 2021.

The Family was a great read. One of my top favorite books of 2021.

The Storyline:

The book is set in the 1940s and the two main characters are Sofia and Antonia.

They’ve been best friends since birth and were born into the dark world of organized crime. Every Sunday there is a big dinner at Sofia’s apartment where the families gather to discuss business.

Then Antonia’s father suddenly disappears and is never heard from again. Her mother is sure it’s something to do with “the family” and she removes herself from the Sunday gatherings altogether.

Antonia’s mother warned her to never marry into “the family.” And though Antonia swore she’d have nothing to do with those kinds of men, she can’t help who she falls in love with.

Sofia finds herself pregnant and marrying Saul. Both of these young men were recruited by Sofia’s father Joey to work for his organization.

The book follows the girls’ growing up, getting married and becoming mothers. And the story is rooted in the danger they live in the shadow of every day.

Oh, what a fantastic read! I’m keeping this one to read again some day. I can’t wait for Naomi Krupitsky to write her second book.

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  1. When We had a neighborhood cat visiting our home in the nights we had issues with our cat hissing an growling and waking us in the night. I took a big piece of cardboard and covered the sliders at night – had to be long enough to cover two sliding doors, but only a foot or two high, so the cat could not see the other cat. It worked! I did it for a week or two and the other cat eventually stopped coming around.

  2. Can you find out if this cat is a true stray or if it belongs to someone in your complex? If a stray, a rescue group needs to be contacted. Poor kitty…it needs food and water and winter is coming – it will need warm shelter. Not to mention it could get attacked and/or killed by wild animals or hit by a car.

  3. I use a Nikken far-infrared stretchy sleeve when my knee acts up (I fell on it about 5 years ago). It is very durable and thick and really helps stabilize my knee. Nikken also used to make a “knee brace”.. not really a brace, but a stuff wrap with magnets in it, to help heal. I wear it now and then when my knee feels really bad or I hurt it again somehow. Nikken doesn’t make the magnet brace wraps anymore. I’m glad I have the one I have! Other catalogs may have something similar. I swear by the stretchy wrap and the “brace” as they tend to heal and let me walk normally. Any firm but not too tight wrap would probably help alot.

  4. My sister has two cats and there have been issues with them. She bought some homeopathy remedies from Jackson Galaxy who is a world renown cat guru. They helped a lot. You might want to check out his site.

  5. Your ankle should not still be bothering you. Were you ever told that you had a nonunion fracture in your ankle? I recommend a second, or third, doctor’s opinion.

  6. You mentioned that Gracie’s urine and poop have a terrible odor. This may be very disturbing to Ivy. It may be the reason for territorial aggression.

  7. Your soft-focus photos today are so, so beautiful. Were you using a soft-focus filter or just adjusting your depth of field? The colors and light are so lovely.

    I think someone should “rescue” the poor outside kitty even if it belongs to someone. He/she shouldn’t be allowed to just roam around. Odd that the kitty is only recently disturbing Ivy. I wonder if it is really a stray or someone dropped it off recently. Poor thing.

    Hope the pressure stocking helps your knee feel better. I have knee problems too and assume I’ll have to have replacement surgeries eventually but not looking forward to that at all. Maybe I should check out the stockings.

    1. Yes, definitely! My concern is more for the stray cat than for Gracie and Ivy. The latter will work out their issues. I am hoping Brenda can intercede and get the stray to a shelter. Outside, on its own, is no life for a cat!

  8. Yes, the cat outside could be what is upsetting Ivy. No experience with the knee sleeve/brace, but checked it out on Amazon and ordered it for the husband. He has osteoarthritis and is bone on bone, had a lubricant type injection that helped moderately, so hoping this knee brace will make him more comfortable. He is trying to hold off on a knee replacement as long as he can. Thanks for the book suggestion, put it in my Amazon cart. I like reading about women’s perspective in situations and have yet to read about women married into the organized crime world. Looking forward to reading it.

  9. Brenda …
    Have you seen any of Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat from Hell” episodes? He’s a cat behaviorist that had a series on Animal Planet channel. Provides great insight into cat behavior and what makes them tick. One episode was on this very topic … inside cats agitated and becoming aggressive when seeing feral cats outside.

    Here’s a link to a similar episode:

  10. Yes, those knee compression braces work. I tweaked my knee just before leaving on a trip. The protective sleeve allowed me to walk, albeit slowly, through the entire tour-even over cobblestones. You won’t regret the purchase.

  11. It’s called an over compensating injury.I hurt my right knee this summer and after a while my right knee started, I was surprised when the doctor told me what it was, I thought they would think I was a hypochondriac!.
    The sleeve should help but try to rest it.

  12. I feel sorry for the stray cat. What about contacting that volunteer animal rescue group that you wrote about a year or two (?) ago, if they’re still around. Or perhaps there are other such groups in the area. The person/persons who fostered Ivy and Gracie may know of people who do animal rescue.

    1. Yes. I agree with you also Jan. Kitty must be rescued as soon as possible. Someone evil probably dumped the 🐈 poor little thing. With winter coming, desperately needs to be rescued 🏡 and rehomed.
      There’s all sorts 😢 of horror stories what neglectfuls do to their pets. Shameful.
      I follow Beth Stern & others. They all rescue catties. Even pups. 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛ 😺 🐶

    2. I feel sorry for it too. But it’s most likely one of the residents’ cats. They just let them get out and go all over the place. There is a black one I see that belongs to someone roaming around.

  13. Our neighbor has two large beautiful cats. One black, the other white. While this fact doesn’t matter, the white cat is the one that always sits in the window, when it is open, (Often) in the summer, while the owner is at work. Anyway, I just remembered there had been a large black feral cat that hung around, and peed (bad smell) on the neighbors back door, cement steps which are located close to that window. Shortly after that, the inside white cat (always well behaved) peed on the window sill where it sat, So, I am thinking, that is probably what is bothering Ivy, too. If you have ordnance control in your area, you could call them if/when you see the cat, and they might (might) come and capture it and take it to a shelter. I would bet that would take care of the unrest in your house.
    About the compression sleeve, husband has one that he wears now and then, when his arthritis is acting up. Yes, it does make his knee feel better, but he really doesn’t wear it too often. Nice to have it tho…when he does need it.
    Good Luck with Ivy and Gracie. Maybe the visiting cat will just go back where it came from, and leave Ivy alone! Fingers crossed that will happen.

    Hugs from WI..28F degrees here.

  14. I have trouble with my L knee from time to time. And I feel much better when I wear the sleeve on it. And I find if I can get into bed with a straight leg and not bend it it helps.

    Sounds like you might have found your answer to Ivy’s unhappiness. Not sure how far they can sense or smell another animal.

    You take care packing up. And your first picture is just lovely.

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