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  1. Hello! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog. These tips are definitely helpful especially now that I’m trying to be as sustainable as much as possible. All the best! xx

  2. This is great information Brenda, especially for those of us with brown thumbs! We want to try to plant some peppers this year, but will have to do container gardening! Love and hugs, hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I grew peppers last year that kept going for months on end. I can’t eat them; I gave them to neighbors. But they sure produced a lot for one little plant.

  3. I love all of these tips Brenda! In the past I have tried to grow tomatoes and pumpkins, no luck with the pumpkins but I did get tomatoes! I am going to try some of your tips in the next few weeks!

    1. This year I bought some special calcium + other ingredients in one package that I will be adding to my tomatoes. I’ve been told that not having enough calcium is why my tomatoes split.

  4. We live in an area that’s clay soil and with all the rain we have had the soil is always wet. We have a tiny yard and this year we thought we would plant in large pots. We’ve never done it before. Can you give us any pointers. Thanks!

  5. I have 20 bags of compost coming from our local agriculture center next weekend – my veggie garden needs a big boost this year. Hoping for a great crop!!

  6. All great tips and ideas. I can’t wait for fresh produce this summer!

  7. Great post and tease to all the magic and fun of planting that is upon us! Enjoy your day!

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