Well, it’s been a painful few days. I take Tylenol every 6 hours, and by the fourth hour, I need more. The pain wakes me from my sleep and I get up and swallow two more capsules.

I don’t think I’ve ever in my life taken any kind of pain reliever more than twice in a row, but I had no idea stitches in your mouth holding together an excision could be so painful.

The first day I could barely talk. It was well into the second day that I could open my mouth more than a tiny bit. Right now it’s not too bad and hopefully it will get easier from here.

Needing Stronger Tylenol:

Yesterday morning I headed to the grocery store for a stronger form of Tylenol. I came home with Tylenol Fast Acting Extra Strength and I was opening it on the way home.

It was quite a feat to get the lid off. They sealed the lid in plastic and I’d think that would be enough. But then with this bottle you have to line the arrow up and push with all your might to open it.

What an aggravation when the pain is getting worse by the minute and you can’t get the darned lid off.

Okay, enough with the frustrated rant. I’ll move on to other things.

Streaming Hinterland Show:

I am into the second season of “Hinterland.”

Last night the wife came to town and left with DCI Tom Mathias even more broken. He’s overcome with both guilt and grief over his dead child.

He had to run away from his family and isolate himself in a rundown trailer to punish himself before he could move on. And he is moving on in physical form only.

His deep wrenching pain is evident in every case, as he injects more personal feelings than he should into solving them.

Grief is like that. You can’t outpace it. Or put a lid on it. You just have to endure it.

It is a combustible state of emotions, and finally he breaks down. He wants to resign but his boss tells him he will not accept his resignation.

Ivy Has Found A Wooden Bead On The Floor:

Ivy is playing with an errant wooden bead that rolled under something the other day when I was organizing bead boxes. I dropped the box and watched them roll, hundreds of them, underneath furniture in all directions.

And there was Ivy, mischief and light in her eyes at the prospect of so many things to bat around.

Then I was getting Charlie dry food from the plastic container and tipped the whole thing over. At that point I was about ready to sit on the floor and weep.

I don’t dare cry because I know it will contort my features and I can’t bear it when my right cheek gets shifted. It then radiates pain from the excision and stitches.

The doctor told me that this cyst, or whatever it was, might grow back.

Not Having This Cyst Removed If It Comes Back:

Well if it does it will have to stay there. Because I don’t think I can bear going through this again. Seems like I’ve had major surgeries less painful than this.

But then, pain is relative, isn’t it? Like childbirth, it is eventually forgotten.

Of course we can all bear more than we think we can. We can be stretched and pulled in all directions and still bounce back, good as new. Or at least good enough.

I’m thinking of driving over to the garden nursery and wandering around inside. I always feel peaceful there. It is a beautiful place with elegant decor and the plants seem to sooth everything that needs soothing at the time.

Charlie’s groomer, Kim, just called and said she can fit Charlie in today. So I guess I’ll get in the car and drive him over there.

I’m going to take two more Tylenol and be on my way.

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  1. What is it with these pill manufacturers? They secure these plastic bottles like Fort Knox Just to open some vitamin bottles I had to stab them with a flat head screwdriver; then cut the excess with a boxcutter.
    I’m sorry your mouth is giving you so much trouble. I was visiting my grandchildren in Temecula Ca. over Halloween. I bit down on some caramel popcorn and somehow dislodged a crown. After I returned and went to the dentist; he re-attached it for a mere $187.00! I’m on Medicare and don’t have dental insurance. Well, after the X-Rays the tooth in front of the crown had a hairline crack. For a mere 1053.00 that gets to be fixed too! When it rains it pours!

  2. So sad to read about your pain. Very sorry and hope that like you said, it is uphill from here. Isn’t that how it goes sometimes..”when it rains it pours”…like with bead and dog food..not what you needed. I hope you found peace at the plant shop and maybe taking your mind off or a little retail therapy..always will help me. Take care..and oh, that is a great photo of Ivy and your beautiful chair, also. …

  3. I feel your pain. I had oral surgery on the roof of my mouth and the pain for two weeks was worse than I can describe! I would have gladly gone through childbirth rather than that. lol
    Those days of dropping things and watching them spill makes for a dreadful day. Hope your tomorrows are better.

  4. I do hope your pain gets better real soon.
    I loved watching Hitherland also…things will be revealed…
    I love your description of shows you watch, often, I want to recommend shows but find it hard to actually describe….

    You have such an awesome way of writing… someone else mentioned writing a book, I agree & think it would be great..

  5. I feel your anger At getting the caps off. This morning I had to use a hammer to bust off the lid of my Claritin allergy meds.

  6. Watch the Tylenol,can’t think what the dose is to stay under the limit,1800 in 24 hours?
    I wonder if ibuprofen might help,since it’s more of an anti-inflammatory?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Brenda – be careful with taking so much Tylenol. It’s really bad for your liver. Have to be careful with the ibuprofen though, too. That’s bad for your digestive system and heart. Maybe you should call the dr and ask their advice for the pain. They might be able to prescribe a stronger medication that you can take less often. On the other hand, I wouldn’t accept any opioids. Hmm, maybe they can suggest some kind of numbing gel or saline rinse or…who knows. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. I’m so sorry you’re going through this kind of pain.

  7. Brenda, did the dentist who excised the bump in your mouth tell you what is was? It sounds very much like the mucocele I had removed years ago. My dentist also told me that it might come back but it never has and I hope yours won’t either. I remember the awful pain and soreness I had when it was removed and believe me you have my sympathy. Mine was just inside my bottom lip and I kept biting it and making it swell like you did yours so once it healed from the surgery it was a relief to have it gone. But, as you know too well, the pain is not minimal. One word of caution: be careful driving when you are on the pain meds.

    It sounds like you’ve had a frustrating couple of days along with the pain considering the brad spill and the spill of Charlie’s food. What you call your clumsiness might be due to the pain meds making you a little less in control of your movements. I have a short temper myself when I spill or drop things so I know how frustrating it can be. Remember: This, too, will pass. And give yourself lots of rest. I think pain saps a person’s energy for sure.

    I hope things get better as the week goes on. Take care. Pats to the fur babies.

  8. Brenda, you are an excellent writer. You express things so articulately and beautifully. I enjoy reading your blog. I think you could do even more with your writing skills. Perhaps an autobiography? Your writings of your experiences could help many people that are going through challenges.

  9. Ages ago I had a dental procedure that left me with awful pain and facial swelling. The dentist advised me to take Tylenol which didn’t do anything for the pain. The only thing that helped me sleep at night was Excederin PM. For whatever reason, that did the trick for me at night.

    I watched Hinterland on the PBS channel last year and really enjoyed it. Everything will eventually come out.

  10. When I had horrible dental pain, the oral surgeon recommended 2 advil.. then 2 hours later 2 tylenol, .. then 2 hours later two aDvil.. etc. until it was manageable. It really really helped.

  11. Hi Brenda?
    Suggestion: maybe phone doctor’s
    office. He may be helpful in trying something as simple as small amount of warm salt water rinse.
    Alternate Warm moist heat & ice pack. (Ask for time frame of use).
    Rest is the tide of healing.
    May God give you patience.

  12. i hope you are feeling better. We could have commiserated this weekend with our pain. I don’t seem to be able to stand pain the way I could when I was younger, and I normally don’t take anything, but the doctor and physical therapist convinced me to take ibuprofen. It has helped, Have a better day, my friend. xo Laura

  13. Oh, Brenda, I feel so sorry for you. I know how bad the pain can be. Years ago, I had a infected tooth (and this was before I had the root canal procedure) the pain to me felt worse than child birth. But Tylenol always helps me out. Good Luck to you, I know this is not fun ,for sure, for you. Good Luck to Charlie too. Hugs from WI

  14. Your prayer plant looks really healthy so I have a question. Mine keeps getting brown on the tips of the leaves, do you have any suggestions on how to correct it.

  15. Brenda, I am so sorry that you are in such pain and I hope the the new Tylenol and a visit to the nursery helps a lot. Can you use an ice pack to offer some relief?

    Take care of yourself and your fur kids.

  16. Good morning, Brenda. Hope your mouth heals quickly and you feel better soon!

    I loved Hinterland and, eventually, all will be revealed. I enjoyed the one set in Wales also…can’t think of the name of it this moment. I’ve watched a lot of the British mysteries after my knee surgery in February!

    Love what you’ve done with your apartment also. Hopefully, they will get the management problems sorted. Have a great day!

  17. Brenda, I hear you. I had open heart surgery and that pain was easier to manage than the pain I had with dry socket following a wisdom tooth extraction!

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