1. Last year, I saw a guy riding a bicycle pushing a lawn mower followed by the neighbor running after him, because the bicyclist stole the mower from his front yard probably while he was on the phone. Pretty typical around here.

    Electronic Tens therapy Pack. I like the 29.99 one from Walgreens with no electrodes. It has two different size pads. I like the small one, and a certain setting, it disrupts the pain. I have another one with electrodes that does nothing for me. I clean the area with alcohol first, because it makes the tens pads last longer. I do that and then follow up with a heating pad. I have had oblation on my neck, because of arthritis probably due to a car accident twenty years ago. I am sorry about your pain. It certainly sucks. Not everything works for everyone. xoxo Su

  2. A friend checked her receipt when she got home because she thought the amount she paid was too much. She had purchased three bunches of leeks but they charged her for 92 bunches – over $100! Check your receipt before you leave the store.

    1. I should have done that. I was just thinking about getting home and getting that cervical pillow around my neck! That’s a lot of leeks!

  3. Brenda,
    I think the carpal tunnel issues must be very common after seeing the responses here and knowing I have bi-lateral carpal tunnel issues and nerve compression in my neck. I’ve had more MRIs and nerve conduction tests done to figure it all out but have put off surgery since I’ve had far too many sugared on other parts to worry about this. The other surgeries were way more complex. Right now, the neurologist says I can hold off on the neck and wrist surgery so I will. I’ve also got osteopenia according to my latest bone density but I knew that was starting because of my previous scan. I have a variety of cervical pillows that I use on a rotating basis. I’ve had neck issues for about 15 years all caused by falls and whiplash injuries. Sometimes, I find the thing that sometimes works best is the small rolled up hand towel just like you mentioned. Best part? It’s by far the cheapest solution too!

    1. The rolled up towel helped, but this cervical pillow did better. Sorry you are having so many medical problems at one time!

  4. Oh Brenda I hope that you get better

    I had a carpal tunnel done years ago when I was younger / what a pain in the ass to not be able to use that right hand! Over the years I’ve had similar troubles off and on but use braces ( from the local drugstore ) to deal with it / mostly it cropped up in regards to sewing or yard work / trimming

    1. I may have to get another brace for my left hand. But today things are a bit better after sleeping with the cervical pillow. A bit strange to have that bulk around my neck, but definitely slept better.

  5. I can’t live without my cervical pillow! My daughter in law bought it several Christmases ago but now I have arthritis, bulging disc, stenosis and degenerative disc in my neck and I use it everyday. I’m planning on going to a neurosurgeon for consultation in the near future.

    1. I’ve been wearing mine all day and it seems to be helping with the pain. Maybe it is my neck and not my hands.

  6. P.S. I was just thinking of one of my sisters, she had pain for months in her neck, arms, shoulders and back and couldn’t quite pinpoint what was casing it. Turned out she had a partially torn rotator cuff in one of her shoulders and had to have surgery. She did her rehab diligently although it was painful, and she is fine now. Wondering if a “My Pillow” that you can buy online (as seen on TV!) might help? (They aren’t foam). Not sure they’re worth the almost $50 price but maybe if somebody asks you what you would like for your birthday, or Christmas… Some months ago I was waking up with a really stiff neck that would barely unkink during the day. I finally figured out it was probably my ancient feather pillows. I got new ones and voila, got better support that I can still smush up just the way I want it to fit underneath my neck and the neck kinks disappeared.

    1. I’ve bought new pillows twice in the past year, so four. They had My Pillow at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But they are pricey at $49 each. So I’ll try this $14.99 cervical pillow for now. They said they sell a lot of My Pillows.

  7. It’s amazing how you can make do when you don’t drive or, even if you do, don’t have a vehicle. I can lug 20 pounds (10 lbs. in a canvas sack in each hand) a mile walking, easy 🙂

  8. I sleep with a travel pillow cradling my head. I lay it flat on the bed like a donut pillow, really helps.

  9. I had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands, but after surgery on one hand, both hands were ok. The surgeon said that would be the case, but I still can’t figure out how that works. Not complaining. I do try to give myself a break when I’m on the computer too long. Not good.
    I try to keep an eye on the register as they ring things up and hopefully they see me seeing what they are doing which I hope makes them more careful.

    Amazing how many times I catch things.

    1. I meant I had carpal tunnel in both hands and surgery in one.

  10. I had severe carpal tunnel problems but with one hand. I declined surgery and am glad I did–it turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck. Maybe you too???

    1. Maybe. My doctor is trying to get me in to an orthopedist.

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