The pupsters got a cute hair cut. It is called “the puppy cut” and it’s what I always ask the groomer, Kim, to do.
I’ve been grooming the dogs myself for quite a while, but finally I realized I’d lost any hope of what the “template” was. So I took them to the groomer for a professional haircut.
I’ve got to get outside this morning to refill the bird feeders. The buffet is running low and the birds are flitting around the patio angrily letting me know about it. 
I’ve got some changes to show you later out on the patio. But I need to get out there and finish up a few things.
The cushions on the two chairs were getting threadbare and worse by the day. Yesterday I found replacement cushions. And I even bought a couple of wicker outdoor chairs. 
I have one bloom on my purple potato vine. Always toward the end of he season, I’ll see a few. They remind me a bit of petunias.
Finally I got my blue morning glory bloom. I knew I had planted the seeds but thought they had not germinated. Then this one finally showed up.
I have only had one year where blue morning glories were plentiful. It was many years ago and I was living in New Braunfels, Texas. I planted them along the fence and they bloomed all up and down it. It was truly beautiful.
The blue flower is beaded with rain from the onslaught we got earlier this week.
The hyacinth bean vines have now progressed from the lavender flower blooms to the actual purple bean pods.
I will let the pods turn brown and store to plant next year.
It was cold enough that I turned the heat on last night. But it’s already warming back up. I’ve got work to get to, so I’ll be back later or tomorrow.

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  1. The pupsters are so proud of their new hair dos! You can just see it by the way they are posed for the picture. Flowers are beautiful in your patio. I love feeding the birds too. The doves were eating me out of house and home. They would come in and just clean out the feeder in short order. They have moved on further south and now the food lasts a lot longer.

  2. Stunning pictures and adorable pupsters! I love the blue Morning Glory picture because it reminds me of my mother. Those were her favorites.

  3. The pups look good. It's so hard to do yourself. It's funny we have one groomer that does the Yorkie best and another that does the Springer better. They have been booked up way ahead all from last winter lasting so long. I gave the Yorkie a bath today but she has appointment coming up. I take them probably every 3 months.
    Love the pictures. Can't wait to see your new stuff.
    We have had the heat on and off for awhile now. Yesterday it snowed…..central Ohio……a first. No accumulation but beautiful big flakes for a couple of hours. I love winter but need to have my fall as well. The trees started changing colors all of a sudden this week. I don't think they will last that long. But I can tell you, I'm glad that summer is over. Too hot. Have a great week ahead. HUGS

  4. The pups look adorable. I love seeing their cute little faces like that! And I can't wait to see your new cushions and furniture. Yipee! We had a cold miserable weekend and now that we are packing up to leave, the sun is shining!

    Jane xx

  5. Fall is here and the colors are beautiful. We have already had some frost but not enough to hurt anything in the garden. We have been building fires almost every morning for the last week or so. I have been slowly bringing in my patio plants, trying to find places for them in the house. Look forward to seeing what you have been up to out on your patio.

  6. Love the fall potted plants… I always think that I should have done autumn arrangements after the fact. You may have just inspired me to move forward this time.

  7. I live their new cut. I hope they are as happy about it as I am when I get a new cut. The garden looks great. Mine is turning brown. We have had a killing frost. About 45 minutes North of me kids were making snow angels.

  8. Hi Brenda! Look at those little fuzzy faces and how cute they look! I would be scared to death to try and cut Chloe Dawn's hair! 🙂 I love morning glories and the blue is just the prettiest! Can't wait to see what else you're up to.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. Hi Brenda, isn't it funny how the morning glories take their sweet time to bloom? Always at the last minute, and then there they are. Gorgeous little things.

    The pupsters look so cute, hey buzz cut.


  10. Can't imagine having the heat on yet!
    We had wonderful weather today…with the windows open and lots of fresh air.
    Everything is so dry here…we're on water restrictions…
    Your flowers look lovely– was hoping to purchase some mums this year, but still haven't.
    I bet your patio looks nice. I'm looking forward to reading what you'll be doing for your plants to 'over winter' them…
    I'm sure you'll have something to show us when the time comes.

  11. Your dogs look so cute in their new haircuts. I'd go and get a "puppy cut" for my own hair if I thought it could make me look that cute!

    It looks like you are starting to have some new bird visitors to your patio. I'm envying your pretty blue morning glory. My husband accidently weed whacked mine just before it bloomed. Next year I'll plant morning glory seeds in a big pot. Everything is looking really pretty on your patio.

  12. The pupsters look so happy sitting in the sunshine with their new haircuts. I think everybody feels better after a trip to the beauty shop…I know I do! Your pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what else you've been up to on the patio! 🙂

  13. Charlie and Abi look precious with their new "do". Sooo sweet..
    Your garden looks so much better than mine.. We haven't had much rain at all this summer.. Areas around us have had it but not in my town..
    I went out last night and pulled up a lot of my plants that were looking sick.. I thought I'd get ahead of the frost.. The temperature has dropped a lot today already.. I hate to see my plants after the frost hits them..
    Have a happy weekend.

  14. Your boys look SO good with their new haircuts! Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and go to the pro-lol

    Your photos are as fantastic as always, Brenda. The morning glory is really glorious. We have had way too much rain here this Fall….and they had 2" of snow just NW of me this morning. I am NOT ready for that! xo Diana

  15. Your pupsters look so sweet! We are an hour west of Dallas here and we got wind, clouds, thunder and lightening and no rain! We were so disappointed as we are very dry here. Glad you had some. Your patio is beautiful!

  16. What charming little posers. The pupsters look very proud of their haircuts. We are getting fall rain on coastal BC but the weather is very comfortable, no heat needed yet and no A/C. Its the comfortable 18-22 C temps for now. Fall is my fav season, fresh air, cool temps, energizing.

  17. The pupsters are looking pretty and groomed. We got hard rains the last two nights and its cold here today. I had our fireplace on in our bedroom and I have the space heated downstairs. Your garden always looks so beautiful and love seeing the sweet potato vine in bloom….I also covet your blue morning glory. Have a great day!

  18. Brenda, The dogs look great I like their puppy cut. :):) I did not know that potato vines bloomed…wowwee, I just learned something. I love that. Oh no I am not turning the dang heat on. But it is chilly here. I am hoping we do not have an early winter…that would just not be fair. Take care, xoxo,Susie

  19. love! love your morning glory showing, and i really must try the potato plant next year, as i love the purple leaves and the morning glory-ish blooms. my morning glories this year were spectacular and i just the other day cut down the dry vines and saved the seeds, although two small plants are still green and on various mornings will still show one tiny bloom, each. i've repotted several geraniums and coleus and herbs and such for their return inside (Wisconsin) but still have a huge amount of color left in the garden bins around our deck and in planters on the deck floor (coleus, geranium, all manner of petunias, spitfires (what i call them), succulents, mums and zinnias … our hummingbirds have taken their hike, so their feeders will come down too, though i feel sad for the occasional bee and yellow jacket that are still feeding, so maybe i'll wait … can't wait to see your new cushions, and the moving and reshaking you do on your patio … i love, love autumn and adore winter beyond frozen, freezing!!!! but i'll love seeing what you're still able to do in your warmer locale … and love the dogs' cuts. we have three little dogs, a poodle, a shi-poo mix, and one that we were told was a "teddy bear" but he's all weird and to himself his very own. i've tried grooming in the past a well, but i am in complete awe of how our groomer "actually does it" beyond what i've ever tried, so we let our dogs go to the 6ish-week mark and then they get the short cuts as you have done. they've all recently been groomed, so they're hair is short and sparse like your pups, but it will take on some winter growth and fluff, and the grooming schedule extends to the 8-week mark … so it's a horse and a groomed hen a piece, isn't it … you can try to do it yourself, or you can find a grooming schedule and a cut that doesn't break your bank, because the pups need their treats. really enjoying your blog, as usual, and this was a nice one to keep me warm, as i'll be inside all rainy weekend, revamping our master bedroom with new quilts, curtains, etc. changing up (and dusting off this or that edge) … your blog is inspiring, all days …

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